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    Philosophy and Religious Studies at SFU

    In the Department of Philosophy and Religious studies you have plenty of opportunities to pursue your interests. Our professors are committed to letting you follow your passions, and giving you the tools and direction necessary to achieve your goals. Here you'll find a broad preparation for life after college: Whether you plan to pursue a graduate degree or go straight into the workforce, our program will get you there. Through your studies, you will come to "know yourself and the world around you." Our courses examine the deepest and most fundamental questions of human existence. As a major, you will have the chance to think about these questions, thereby becoming more introspective and socially involved.

    Philosophy Program Highlights

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    Philosophy and Religious Studies

    • A record of better than 98 percent employment or grad-school enrollment within three months of graduation.
    • Opportunities for self-designed programs of study that combine philosophy requirements with other fields of personal interest.
    • A multi-disciplinary approach that places the study of philosophy in the context of our society by incorporating courses in history,sociology and political science.
    • Interactive student/instructor relationships with highly qualified faculty, offering access to a vast pool of practical experience.
    • Independent study programs that allow you to pursue areas of special interest while working closely with a faculty mentor.

    Religious Studies Program Highlights

    • Professors act as mentors and guide students as peers to develop life long relationships.
    • Highly qualified faculty recognized for their teaching skill and professional accomplishments by students, colleagues and alumni.
    • A multidisciplinary approach that incorporates the perspectives of science, social science, psychology, history, philosophy and the liberal arts.
    • The on-campus Dorothy Day Center, which adds a dimension of Christian practice through work among the poor, nursing home visits, or involvement in social justice and peacemaking activities.
    • A Special Topics option that enables you to tailor your program more closely to your personal goals.
    • International study programs in Spain, Costa Rica, or France.
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