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Wolf-Kuhn Ethics Institute

The mission of the Ethics Institute is to contribute to the community's understanding of contemporary ethical issues facing various types of professions.

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  • The Institute is focused on ethics in: 

    • Business
    • Education
    • Law
    • Religion
    • Government
    • Medicine
    • Communications
    • Labor relations
    • Social services

  • Podcast and Video Assets

    What's Behind the Confederate Flag Battle Controversy

    Podcast: On Memorial Day  2020 in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, a local parade drew controversy when one of the vehicles was displaying a Confederate battle flag. In this podcast, we examine the history of this flag, and discuss the issues behind the symbol that have made it so problematic.

    The Ethics of Masking

    Video: A theological reflection on the ethics of wearing a mask, as well as a discussion on this topic with Dr. Theresa Horner, the chair of Public Health at Saint Francis University.

    Find Your Light

    Video: Saint Francis University professors from the School of STEAM taking a moment to consider a song lyric from Leonard Cohen, "There's a crack in everything, that's where the light gets in."

    Honors 101 The American College

    Video: Shout out to Dr. Art Remillard, his honors class, and their CE partnership with John Paul II Manor in Cresson, PA!





    Community Engagement & Outreach

    ethics institute outreach tweetFaculty and students associated with the Wolf-Kuhn Ethics Institute are available for collaborative projects with our community. Some examples of community collaborations include:

    • Leading community workshops focused on ethical issues in areas such as business, medicine, and public policy;
    • Working with local high school debate and mock trial teams to help them to develop their skills of argumentation and persuasion;
    • Hosting interfaith gatherings aimed at finding shared values and working toward the common good.

    If you would like to work with the Ethics Institute, or if you have ideas for collaboration, please email the director, Dr. Arthur Remillard.

    Past Events

    Jack McArtney, “True North in a Horizontal Era,” March 14, 2019

    Jack McArtney is a pioneer in the mobile phone industry, with over three decades of strategic marketing, business development, network operations, public policy, and philanthropic expertise in telecommunications products and services, digital entertainment, online safety, and media literacy.

    A New Jersey native and 1982 graduate of Saint Francis, Jack has managed the integrated network, product, and business development functions for: Verizon Wireless, Verizon Communications, Bell Atlantic Mobile, and AT&T AMPS. He helped design and launch the first mobile networks in the United States, SMS text messaging, built developer programs for mobile app services, and developed Verizon’s Content Standards for all of Verizon’s consumer and enterprise digital media and advertising businesses.

    Jack now manages an advisory and consulting business, mcartney group, that focuses on brand reputation and product responsibility in social media, digital media, media literacy, with clients in threat management, security, privacy, healthcare, education law enforcement, and wireless and broadband telecom operators. Tonight, Jack returns to his alma mater to share his insights on the ethical dilemmas that inevitably arise in our current age of rapid technological development.

    Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors for the Wolf-Kuhn Ethics Institute is made up of members of the Saint Francis University faculty and administration, along with members of our local community. The Board aims to help the Institute grow and develop, while also maintaining its mission of addressing the significant ethical issues of our time. 

    The members of the Board are:

    • Father Joseph Lehman, Minister Provincial, Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular-Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
    • Dr. Pete Skoner, Dean of the School of STEAM
    • Dr. Thomas Woods, Professor of Physician Assistant Sciences
    • Ms. Allison Rohrs, Director of the Institute for Energy
    • Dr. Rosemary Bertocci, Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
    • Dr. Randy Frye, Dean of the Shields School of Business
    • Ms. Marie Young, University Communications Specialist
    • Mr. Robert Crusciel, Vice President for Advancement
    • Mr. Alan Cashaw, President of the NAACP Johnstown Unit #2266
    • Rev. Trista (T.J.) Lucas, First United Church of Christ in Ebensburg
    • Rabbi Audrey Korotkin, Temple Beth Israel in Altoona
    • Mr. Thomas C. Chernisky, Cambria County Commissioner