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Management Information Systems

  • In the 21st Century, business without technology is just "busy-ness"!

    Never in the history of humankind have businesses and customers been more connected.  From customers clicking "buy it now" on a touch screen to senior managers making data-driven decisions affecting the world's largest companies, the Management Information Systems (MIS) discipline is the backbone of modern business.  Examples of the way that MIS is changing the world can be found in companies such as Uber, Amazon, and Apple, organizations who have changed the rules of how the world moves, purchases, and communicates.  To this end, MIS professionals translate business goals into technical realities by understanding people, processes, and technology.

    If you enjoy finding ways to use technology to improve business processes and solve problems, MIS is an excellent field choice for you!

    Degree Options:

  • MIS Majors
    • Management Information Systems, B.S. 
    • Entrepreneurship Concentration (B.S. in Management Information Systems)
    • Five-year MIS to MBA Program, B.S.  

    See requirements: Visit the  academic catalog and scroll to the School of Business to view degree requirements.

    MIS Minor
    • Management Information Systems, Minor  

    See requirements: Visit the  academic catalog and scroll to the School of Business to view degree requirements.

    Career Opportunities

    The importance of information technology and information systems to organizations means that well-educated MIS professionals are in demand.  Five of the top 20 "best jobs" rend documented by U.S. News and World Report are MIS-related.

    SFU MIS students prepare themselves for careers in both technology and management in careers ranging from logistics and data management to e-commerce and government.  Our instructors carefully merge industry theory with real-world applications so that students will quickly be able to apply their lessons in the workforce.  A strong network of SFU alumni combined regional/national networks maintained by MIS faculty allow for internships and employment opportunities.

    Why MIS at SFU?

    Students in the MIS program think critically, solve problems, command effective communication skills, acquire high-caliber computer science knowledge and skills, and develop general business information systems acumen.  At the same time, our students gain the ability to apply information technologies through coursework in programming, database management, e-commerce, project management, and networking.

    As a student in the MIS curriculum, you will have the opportunity to work and thrive in small classes.  Your professors will not just know your name, they will know who you ARE! As part of the ShieldsSchool of business, MIS students have the opportunity to apply classroom skills to "real world" projects through internships, an on-campus Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and active clubs like Enactus.  While student MIS at SFU, you will not only develop a solid business background,but you will gain a broad understanding of how technology fits into other disciplines, better preparing you for the modern workforce.