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Management Information Systems

  • The extinction of many business models. 

    Computer-based information systems continue to be an essential component of the operations, product, and management of organizations. In fact, information systems and information technology are so critical that they have disrupted or forced to extinction many business models. According to the Association of Computing Machinery, “the effective and efficient use of information and communications technologies is an important element in maintaining or achieving competitive advantage for business organizations and excellence in service for government and non-profit organizations.” If you enjoy the application of technology to better business processes and solve problems, MIS is an excellent field choice for you! The importance of information technology and information systems to organizations creates a need for well-educated professionals in the field.

    Degree Options:

  • MIS Majors
    • Management Information Systems, B.S. 
    • Entrepreneurship Concentration (B.S. in Management Information Systems)
    • Five-year MIS to MBA Program, B.S.  

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Business to view degree requirements.

    MIS Minor
    • Management Information Systems, Minor  

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Business to view degree requirements.

    Career Opportunities

    You have the opportunity to differentiate yourself with the unique SFU experience. Internship opportunities will be made available. As organization continue to increase their reliance on information systems, the continue to seek well-educated information systems professionals to develop and maintain these systems.

  • Management Information Systems (MIS) at Saint Francis University

    Students in the MIS program think critically, solve problems, command effective communication skills, acquire high-caliber computer science knowledge and skills, and develop general business information systems acumen. You will have the opportunity to work and thrive in small classes. Your professor will not just know your name, they will know YOU! While studying MIS at SFU, you will not only develop a solid business background but you will gain a broad understanding and ability to apply information technologies through coursework in programming, database management, e-commerce, project management, and networking.