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International Students Admissions Welcome

Did you know that there are nearly 70 international students attending Saint Francis University representing 35 countries from all over the world. If you wish to study in the United States, SFU is a great option to consider.  

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  • A Home Away from Home

    Saint Francis has been helping international students reach higher and go farther than they ever dreamed they could. Our students have gone on to become physicians, teachers, journalists, engineers, accountants, chemists, and so much more. We have a dedicated staff of international admissions professionals ready to help you find your place at Saint Francis.

  • Intensive English Program

    Study English at SFU

    • Training in academic English skills to satisfy SFU language proficiency requirements
    • Small classes (average of 12 students, maximum of 15)
    • Well-structured curriculum and exceptionally organized program
    • Well trained and experienced faculty
    • Access to all on-campus events, services, and housing
    • Access to writing and tutoring center
    • Upper level of program is credit-bearing
    • Successful completion of the program is the only English requirement to proceed to the university.

    Admission to SFU

    You can receive admission to Saint Francis if you meet the academic requirements, but do not meet the English proficiency requirement. Study intensive English through Level 4, and then enter directly into the credit-bearing International Oasis program with no TOEFL score required.  You may apply for admissions directly to the university or apply to the Intensive English Program only.  

    Option 1:  Apply directly to Saint Francis University as an International student. International students who are academically admissible to SFU but do not have sufficient language proficiency will be admitted to the intensive English program.

    How to Apply

    Option 2:  Apply for the SFU Intensive Program Only- Students can choose to apply to the Intensive English Program only then decide later whether to apply to a university or return home.

    Intensive English Program 


    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Listening/Speaking
    • Grammar – Elective 

    Course Descriptions  

    Levels of the IEP

    There are four semester-long levels in the IEP + International OASIS. All levels meet for 18 hours of classroom instruction. International OASIS is the credit-bearing transition level into university courses. It is 9 hours + university courses. 

    • Level 1 – beginning
    • Level 2 – low-intermediate
    • Level 3 – intermediate
    • Level 4 – high-intermediate

    International OASIS – College Success Strategies (The IEP Bridge Program to the university)

    Arrival and Orientation Dates

     Arrival Days Orientation Days
    Fall 2017 Semester  August 16-18August 21-23
    Fall Mid-Semester Intake October 13October 16-17
    Spring 2018 Semester  January 8-9January 10-12
    Spring Mid-Semester IntakeMarch 7March 8-9
    Summer 2018 SemesterMay 14 and 15May 16-18


    * Students must arrive on arrival days. Students should email with their flight plans and travel information to ensure a ride from the airport. Orienation is required for all incoming international students. 

    Dates of Program

     Program DatesPriority Application Deadlines*
    Fall 2017 Semester  August 28 - December 16April 1
    Fall Mid-Semester Intake October 18- December 16June 1
    Spring 2018 Semester  January 15 – May 9July 1
    Spring Mid-Semester IntakeMarch 12 – May 9September 1
    Summer 2018 SemesterMay 21 August 17December 1


    * Applications after the deadline may be considered individually on a space available basis, as time permits for housing and visa processing. Program dates above are listed for class semester plus mid-semester intakes for those wanting to come early or late. 

    Placement Testing

    Upon arrival, students will take the iTEP Academic Core, give a writing sample, and participate in an oral interview. Those scores will be combined to place students into the best suited level. Students can take the iTEP and send the scores with their application for advanced placement into the program. 

    LeveliTEP Score
    International OASIS4.0 +
    Level 43.0 - 3.9
    Level 32.0 - 2.9
    Level 21.0 - 1.9
    Level 10.0 - 0.9



    (Semester - 15 weeks)

    Full-time Tuition *1$6,800
    ESL Fee$530
    Books (estimate)$300
    Student Services *2$550
    Residence Hall *3$2,953
    Meal Plan$3,011
    Health Insurance *4$1728
    Approximate Total$15,872


    Fees may change without notice.

    1. For mid-semester intakes, tuition, housing and fees are prorated.
    2. Student services fee includes: technology fee, campus health services, placement testing, and express mailing of visa documents.
    3. Residence halls and meal fees are approximate and vary depending single or double occupancy. Fees are charged per semester.
    4. Students must enroll in SFU health insurance throughout the duration of their studies. Fee above is subject to change. 

    International OASIS (Opportunities for Academic Success in Studies) Program

    This bridge program is designed for international students who, upon applying for admission, have secondary school records that indicate potential for college success but have demonstrated a need for academic/English support. Students in the program receive extra support for their academic and social transition to college. The bridge program consists of up to three credit-bearing success strategies courses plus university courses. Students who are interested in placing into the bridge program should send their TOEFL, IELTS, or iTEP scores to

    The bridge program teaches and reinforces important academic skills, while also helping students in academic writing, grammar, reading, and/or listening and speaking skills that will help them succeed in the university.

    Upon admission to the bridge program, students sign an agreement that outlines the requirements for program participation. These consist of mandatory structured study sessions for five hours weekly, academic counseling, and enrollment in GEN/ College Success Strategies courses that best suit their needs. 

    The American Educational System

    If you're considering attending Saint Francis University, you'll want to examine all your options carefully, and study all the terms and requirements. The following are resources we think might assist you in the transition process. Good luck.

    American Life


    • TOEFL - Everything from online practice tests, to information on how to register for a test in your home country.
    • IELTS
    • SAT
    • ACT
    • IB Exams
    Visa Information

    Getting your VISA to study in the U.S.A. takes time but can be a surprisingly easy procedure and well worth the effort. The number of student visas issued by the United States has grown significantly in the last year in many countries.

    Once you have been accepted in a U.S. program, you will complete the official paperwork that permits you to apply for a visa to enter and study in the U.S.A.  While the application process for a student or exchange visitor visa can be confusing, hundreds of thousands of students are able to meet the requirements for a visa each year.

    Visa Definitions

    The U.S.A. issues different types of visas to students.

    A full-time student would receive an F-1 or M-1 visa.

    Your spouse and children would receive F-2 or M-2 visas.

    An Exchange Visitor would receive a J-1 visa.

    Exchange Visitors come to the U.S.A. for consultation, training, research or teaching, or for an approved Au Pair or temporary work position.

    After a college, university, or English language school has accepted you for admission to full-time study, the school will send you a document called an I-20 form, which is the application for an F-1 visa.

    If you will be an Exchange Visitor, the organization or U.S. Government agency that is sponsoring you will send you a DS-2019 form, which is the application for a J-1 visa.

    Visa Information


    Office of International Student Programs

    The mission of the Office of International Student Programs (ISP) is to welcome international students from around the world, and ensure their needs are met throughout their experiences in our Intensive English Program and the rest of their academic careers at SFU.

    The ISP works with SFU students, faculty and staff to support the overall success of our International Students. International Students at SFU receive personal and direct attention from the point of applying, arriving, orientation, on-campus housing, special trips and activities, and more.

    Currently the ISP is recruiting international students from around the world, searching for students of excellence from diverse backgrounds. We are also offering generous, new International Excellence scholarship awards! We are currently admitting students into our Intensive English Program as well as our traditional Undergraduate and Graduate programs.


    The Laptop Program

    Laptop Program

    All full-time undergraduate students are required to purchase a laptop through the Laptop Program, which grants students access to the most up-to-date academic software, Internet, email, and printing services. 

    Learn more about the Laptop Program