Laptop Program

Every new full-time, undergraduate student may opt in/out of the SFU Laptop Program. Friendly, on-site customer service representatives make it easy for students to get set up with everything they need.

Laptop - They Why


  • SFU offers students perks that aren’t available at other universities.
  • The Laptop Program grants students access to the most up-to-date academic software, Internet, email, and printing services.
  • All full-time undergraduate students who opt into the laptop program will have a laptop for the duration of their academic career at Saint Francis University.
  • All repairs are handled in-house by our team of Certified Technicians to ensure that no student goes without a laptop for even a single day! 

Laptop - Flash Facts


  • 93% of SFU students agree that the laptop program provides a positive value to their education.
  • We're a Lenovo Certified Repair Center.
  • For those who opted into the program, we handle all repairs right on-site, free of charge.
  • If we can't fix the problem in 15 minutes, we will give you a temporary laptop so you're never without.
  • Laptops come with a 4-year warranty along with an upgraded accidental damage protection warranty so students are covered (even if the damage is their fault!). Cost is a $1,425 one-time fee for the first semester.
  • We are open 7 days a week. 

Laptop - Helpful Info


Laptop Help Desk | Library, 1st floor

Tel: 814-472-2800


Walk-in hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm


Open 24/7 Image

Why, Flash Facts, and Helpful Info

  • Laptop Program Benefits

    When you purchase your laptop, you will:

    1. Save money. Some faculty can use electronic resources instead of textbooks which saves you from paying for expensive books and materials.
    2. Get fast service. Faculty plan their Syllabi expecting that you will always have a laptop. Your classes won't wait for your replacement from Apple, IBM or DELL.  For that reason, we handle all your laptop's issues in-house. If we can't fix it in 15 minutes, we'll give you a replacement—you'll never not have a laptop!
    3. Purchase an upgrade if you wish, or keep the same laptop—it's up to you!
    4. Have universal, up-to-date hardware. Not all consumer-purchased laptops have the same specifications. Our program ensures that your laptop has the same technological capabilities as your classmates. 
    5. Connect to the SFU network, guaranteed.
    6. Have one point of contact for any and all laptop-related questions open 7 days a week.
    7. Get Spyware removal with your purchase. Places like Best Buy’s GeekSquad charge $149 per incident for this service. The SFU Laptop Help Desk removes Spyware without additional cost.
  • FAQs

    Why should I opt into the Laptop Program?

    With a unified laptop program Saint Francis can offer services and support far superior to other universities.  Just a few of those benefits include:

    • Your laptop is pre-configured and tested with all of the software you will need for classes. Plus, it’s distributed to you in a very personal Laptop U session before the first day of classes.
    • All of our free printers across campus come pre-installed on your laptop so you never have to struggle with installing network printers and drivers.
    • Knowing the exact model of laptop that you have allows us to stock parts so you never go without your laptop for more than 15 minutes. You never have to deal with a repair center and the hassle of shipping your laptop away for repairs.
    • Using one vendor allows all of our technicians to participate in training and certification procedures focused specifically on your model.

    How will this laptop program benefit my educational experience?

    Most of your courses require you to create multimedia materials and presentations as part of your coursework. An SFU-purchased laptop provides a unified platform that helps streamline collaboration and file exchange. 


    When will I receive my laptop?

    You will receive your laptop the Sunday before the first day of class at our special technology informational program called Laptop U.  This program is custom designed to provide new full-time undergraduate students with an opportunity to meet the staff, ask any questions, and receive their provisioned laptop before classes start.


    What laptop will I get?

    Because we work directly with the manufacturer to get you the latest cutting edge technology, your laptop hasn't even been produced yet. We use the Lenovo ThinkPad line of products.


    Why have we selected the Levono Thinkpad laptop?

    Think-branded products from Lenovo offer many benefits that stand the test of time in a tough university setting.


    The roll-cage is made from the same material used on the exteriors of aircraft and F1 Race Cars. Entire systems are forced to pass Mill-Spec tests in order to carry the Thinkpad name. According to Laptop Magazine's 2018 report Lenovo took first place for the second year in a row because of its excellent quality and highly rated laptops.


    Can I purchase this same laptop from a major retailer?

    No. We work directly with the manufacturer to provide you with the SFU designated equipment at a competitive price. This also allows your laptop to be shipped here so we can custom provision it for you and have it ready for deployment at your Laptop U session.


    If I opt out of the Laptop Program at SFU, can my personal machine be serviced by the Laptop Helpdesk?

    You can bring your own personal laptop to use if you opt out of the Laptop Program. However, there is a chance that your device will not meet the security requirements to be granted access to our network. Additionally, the Student Laptop Help Desk will not have the tools necessary to offer you more than the most basic and limited software support on your personal device.


    Will this laptop really last me all 4 years of college?

    While every student's technology needs will differ slightly, we work directly with the product engineers to design a machine capable of withstanding 4 years in a college environment with standard student use. You may always choose to buy another laptop through the program at your discretion. 


    Can I use my financial aid to cover my laptop purchase?



    Can I transfer my laptop to another student if I withdraw or graduate?

    Contact the Laptop Help Desk. Individual situations may differ between students. This may not always work across different cohorts.


    If I take a leave of absence and come back, do I have to buy another laptop or can I use the originally purchased one?

    The laptops we designate are designed to last 4 years. If you leave and come back while that model is still in service, you can continue to use that model until it reaches the end of its life. The Student Laptop Help Desk can provide that timeline.


    Where can I go for service?

    The Student Laptop Help Desk is located on the first floor of the Library and Learning Commons building  to the right as you walk in the doors.


    What are the hours of the Student Laptop Help Desk?

    Hours during the semester are:

    • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm
    • Friday: 8:00 am to 9:00 pm
    • Saturday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
    • Sunday: 12:00 to 11:00 pm
  • Your Laptop

    We use the Lenovo ThinkPad line of products. 


    Your laptop is business grade. It is built with attention to security, productivity, durability, and performance, making your laptop the preferred choice over a variety of consumer grade makes and models. 


    Your laptop's roll-cage is made from the same material used on the exteriors of aircraft and F1 Race Cars. Entire systems are forced to pass Mill-Spec tests in order to carry the Thinkpad name. According to Laptop Magazine's 2018 report Lenovo took first place for the second year in a row because of its excellent quality and highly rated laptops.

  • Important Information for Engineering Students

    If any Engineering Student Opt's out of the Technology Fee/Laptop program they must have: 

    • Windows 11
    • 16 GB RAM
    • 512 GB storage (SSD)
    • 12th generation Intel Core i5 CPU or better OR AMD Ryzen 5 (5000 series) CPU or better.