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  • Why Study History 

    Do you like understanding the world around you, and how things came to be the way they are today?  History can help you build your future through studying the past.  At Saint Francis University, you can turn your love of History into an exciting and rewarding career.  In the classroom or in the field, real-life experiences such as research, internships and study abroad, will help you integrate the past and present while learning valuable analytical, interpretive and communication skills.  

  • Majors & Minors


    • History (B.A.) -  Download Paradigm | Course Catalog Major Requirements
      • Our curriculum enables you to develop a strong foundation in historical issues and methods while building skills that will help you excel in any postgraduate endeavor.
    • Pre-Law Concentration (B.A. in History) - Course Catalog Major Requirements
      • The history program provides a strong background for graduate study in many fields, including law. Although you can choose many paths to law school, this concentration is particularly suited to help you focus on law school preparation.  
    • Secondary Education, Social Studies Certification (B.A. in History)-  Download Paradigm | Course Catalog Major Requirements
      • If you would like to focus on history as a secondary-school teacher, this focus can help you prepare to earn your Pennsylvania teaching certificate while exploring your interest in history.


      History Learning Objectives

      Career Opportunities

      Majoring in history at SFU can help you stand out in the job market and/or applying to graduate school. Your research experience, teaching opportunities, internships, and service learning experiences will help to build career contacts and gain real-world experience. You will be able to take this expertise to pursue fulfilling career opportunities in fields like:  

      • Education –Teach social studies at the high school level or pursue a Ph.D. in History to become a college professor.
      • Non-Profit Sector 
      • Private Sector
      • Public Sector


    • History at SFU

      Our cutting edge curriculum provides a solid foundation in historical methodology and analysis while allowing you to pursue your unique areas of interest. Here are a few more reasons to study history at SFU.

      • A well-credentialed, well published faculty: We actively research and publish in fields like environmental, economic, medical, cultural, and diplomatic history. 
      • Innovative courses: We integrate our research into the classroom through innovative, fun courses like “The Black Death,” “Water Power: Water Control, Race, and Class in U.S. History,” “The Automobile Industry,” and “The Vietnam War.”
      • Personal attention: You will have one-on-one contact with professors, including opportunities for individualized courses and self-directed study. 
      • Experiential learning: Have fun while gaining real-world experience through service learning in nearby communities like Johnstown and Cresson internships at history associations, parks, museums, or federal agencies, study abroad, and participation in our thriving History Club.
      • Specialized advising: We help you reach higher with specialized advising for double majors, pre-law students, athletes, secondary education majors, or whatever your unique educational and career goals may be.
      • Unique capstone experience: The capstone offers you three opportunities to pursue projects tailored to your interests. You can write a thesis using original research, complete an internship with a government agency, local business, or archives or develop social studies programs at area high schools. Many of these capstone projects have received college and state-wide recognition for their excellence. We cannot wait to see what your capstone experience brings!