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Healthcare Management

  • The Management of Healthcare 

    Healthcare Management Program TileHealthcare Management is the study of leadership, management and administration of healthcare providing organizations and healthcare systems. More specifically, Healthcare Management means overseeing the functions of a healthcare related entity. Healthcare is one of today’s most dynamic and growing fields. With medical breakthroughs, longer life spans, and a growing baby boomer population, an increased amount of managers and planners are needed in the healthcare industry.

  • Healthcare Management Major
    • Healthcare Management Concentration (B.S. in Management)  

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    Healthcare Management Minor
    • Healthcare Management, Minor 

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    Career Opportunities

    Healthcare is a rapidly growing industry with much complexity as such it requires trained managers and administrators. Many of the fastest growing fields in the United States are in the healthcare sector. Students are encouraged to participate in an internship opportunity in the healthcare field. With strong business management skills and experience in healthcare, students will be prepared for management careers within the United States healthcare industry.

  • Healthcare Management at Saint Francis University

    The Healthcare Management program at Saint Francis University is a concentration in the Management program that prepares students for management careers in a healthcare setting. The program provides students with valuable skills and knowledge to meet future challenges in the real world. With small class sizes and professors with professional experience, students will receive knowledge and understanding of macro-level health care policy challenges and issues, health care economics, the best contemporary management and marketing practices in the healthcare management field, healthcare information systems, special ethical and legal issues facing healthcare managers, and the critical nature and complexity of healthcare strategy and policy decisions. This wide-ranging knowledge base will increase student’s value to employers.