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Undergraduate Application Process & Requirements

    • Journey starts with an application
  • Prospective First-Year students may submit any of the following applications:

    Fall 2021 Apply Now
    The Common Application 

    At Saint Francis, you’re more than just a number -- even as soon as we receive your application. We evaluate you as a whole individual, not merely select parts, such as GPA or test scores. We look at how you will contribute to our academic community, the strength of your coursework, extracurricular interests, and unique talents. 

    Everything you need to start your application can be found here! Detailed instructions, application components, and deadlines. And if you still have more questions, we’re here to help!  

  • Four Easy Steps

    Step 1: Create a username and password. This will make it easy to save your application, and let you register for SFU events all in one place.  P.S. Bookmark the SFU Application site while you're at it!  

    Step 2: Check your email. You should receive a link to click to confirm your new login.  

    Step 3: Fill out an application. First-time students may apply anytime, usually after August 1 entering their senior year. To receive full consideration for admission and merit scholarships, it is recommended that students submit a completed application by May 1st of their senior year. 

    Step  4: View your "Checklist" for additional requirements. 

    Official High School Transcripts

    Submit your official high school transcript showing work completed through your junior year in addition to a copy your senior class schedule. All applicants should submit mid-year grades from their senior year when available.

    This can be sent:

    • From your high school to
      • Saint Francis University
        Office of Admissions
        169 Lakeview Drive
        PO Box 600
        Loretto PA 15940
    • Through a secure electronic document system transfer such as Parchment.
    Test Optional & Standardized Testing

    Saint Francis University offers test-optional admission to freshmen and transfer applicants for Spring and Fall 2021 who:

    • are unable to take the SAT/ACT test due to COVID related reasons

    • feel the SAT/ACT may not be a fair predictor of academic success and wish not to have those test scores considered for admittance to SFU.

    We recognize how challenging it has been for students to access standardized tests.  Our goal is to increase accessibility for potential students.   

    The test-optional policy for Saint Francis University is available to students applying for admission to most majors.  Those majors that still require an SAT/ACT score to be considered for admittance are below. 

    • Accelerated MBA program in Accounting
    • Accelerated MBA program in Business Analytics
    • Accelerated MBA program in Economics
    • Accelerated MBA program in Finance
    • Accelerated MBA program in Management
    • Accelerated MBA program in Management Information Systems
    • Accelerated MBA program in Marketing
    • Accelerated MHRM program in Management
    • Nursing
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy (4+3/3+3)
    • Physician Assistant Science


    If you are applying via the Saint Francis University online application, indicate ‘Yes’ to the question, “Are you submitting your application for test-optional consideration?”

    Applied via the Common Application?  Please email to indicate you are applying for test optional-admission.   


    Q: If I apply test-optional, what other items do I need to submit along with my application?

    A: If you apply test-optional, we will need an official high school transcript from the high school (freshmen admission) or college/university (transfer admission) you are presently attending.  

    Q: If I apply test-optional, am I eligible for scholarships?

    A: Yes, test-optional admission will not impact your qualification for scholarships.  

    Q: I’m applying test-optional, but I have AP, IB scores - what should I do?

    A: Saint Francis University supports and rewards student accomplishments. Our policy for awarding credits can be found here.  While not required to receive an admission decision, we strongly encourage applicants to share with us any and all academic accomplishments they may have when submitting their application for admission.

    Q: Can I apply test-optional and submit a test at a later date?

    A: Yes, you can submit your standardized test scores later.  Simply provide them to the Office of Admissions and we can update your admission accordingly.