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Dr. Denise Holladay Damico

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    Position: Associate Professor of History

    Department: History and Political Science

    Office: Scotus 315

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    About Dr. Denise Holladay Damico


    • Ph.D., American History, Brandeis University (2008)
    • B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder (1999)


    Dr. Damico studies the ways in which humans have utilized, thought about, and shaped waterways. Her dissertation studied water conflict in the nineteenth-century U.S.-Mexico borderlands, focusing on continuity and change following the U.S. conquest of New Mexico. Her recent research, presented at conferences and in the process of being written up for publication, expands this inquiry to study the relationship between the city of Albuququerque and the Rio Grande. Since coming to Saint Francis in 2009, Dr. Damico has also expanded her research to include local issues, such as the famous Johnstown flood of 1889 and its ramifications. Dr. Damico involves her students in this local research and, in that capacity, is one of the associate directors of the Center for Watershed Research and Service. Her publications include "The Cebolleta Land Grant: Multicultural Contention and Cooperation." Natural Resources Journal, Fall 2008; and a review of David DeJong, Stealing the Gila (2009).

      • Teaching

      Courses Taught

      • Core 113 Myth, Film, and American History
      • History 103 U.S. History to 1877
      • History 202 Gender in U.S. History
      • History 336 Topics in Latin American History
      • History 410 Water Power: Water Control, Race and Class in U.S. History
      • History 208 Living on the Edge (of Empire): North America, 1600-1800
      • History 406 Water Power: Water, Race, and Class in US History
      • History 408 Witchcraft and Magic in Transatlantic Context
      • History 405 Disaster! Environmental and Social Crises in World History
      • History 201 The Historian’s Craft
      • History 499 History Capstone