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Chemistry Facilities

Saint Francis University prides itself on state-of-the-art facilities and instrumentation available for undergraduates in all areas of science.  The Chemistry department occupies the entire second floor of the new 73,000 square foot Science Center. 

    • Science Center with Fountain
    • Students Interior Science Center
    • Chemistry Students in Science Center
    • Science Center Exterior
    • Chemistry Facilities and Mural
    • Rose Clark and Student in Chem lab
  • The Science Center features enhanced teaching and lab spaces that include high-tech classrooms and research zones, areas that serve as hands-on practice grounds for students while providing public educational opportunities, as well as discipline-focused student gathering zones. Below are a list of Chemistry spaces located on the second floor of the Science Center.

  • Science Center - 2nd Floor

    General Chemistry Lab

    • Laboratory for all freshmen chemistry courses including Chemical Principles and Human Chemistry. Science majors and all Allied health majors such as PA, PT, Exercise Physiology and Nursing use the laboratory. 

    Studio Classroom 

    • Special classroom designed so instructors can freely switch from a lecture format to a more interactive discovery teaching style.
    • When a topic is introduced that would benefit from a laboratory activity, the students and instructor do not have to wait for a specialized lab time to explore.

    Organic Chemistry Lab 

    • Laboratory focused primarily on the sophomore year organic chemistry experience
    • Chemical hoods provide a safe working environment for the students and faculty.
    • Fume hoods are also great for other special synthetic chemistry courses.

    Science Outreach Room

    • Room focusing on the School of Sciences contributions to the community through the Science Outreach Center and the Rural Outreach Chemistry for Kids (ROCK) program
    • Space hosts K-12 teachers and students for workshops and hands-on science activities

    Cold Room

    • In Biochemical studies, many proteins must be kept at cool temperatures in order to prevent decay (denaturation)
    • Refrigerated room allows students and faculty to study biomolecules key to understanding human health and well-being.

    NMR Room 

    • Houses a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrument, one of the most useful tools for chemists to determine the structure of a molecule.
    • An NMR is a very safe instrument more commonly known as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) used for diagnostic purposes in the medical profession.

    Upper Level Lab 

    • Multiple use laboratory for specialized upper level chemistry courses including Inorganic, Instrumental, Forensic, and Environmental Chemistry
    • Equipped with hoods to keep the students and faculty safe as well as a variety of instruments for use during lab.

    Instrument Room 

    • Houses the analytical instruments including a GC/MS, (Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectroscopy) several HPLC’s (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography), Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, and an Inductively Couple Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer.   

    Biochemistry/ Physical Chemistry Lab 

    • Specialized area for Biochemistry Equipment and Research.
    • Physical Chemistry Laboratory shares the space.

    Student/Faculty Research Lab AND Biochemistry Research Lab

    • Dedicated space for students and faculty engaged in undergraduate research
    • There is a lab dedicated for biochemistry and synthetic research (organic and inorganic), for analytical/instrumentation research, and for physical chemistry research.
    • Small room attached to one of the Student/Faculty research Labs specifically designed to keep the fluorometer in a darkened area as the detection of scattered light is critical to its use.

    Chemistry Secure Community Room 

    • A dedicated student zone for Chemistry students to relax and learn in, share ideas, discuss research, and just hang out.
    • Students can leave their laptops, books, and belongings in a secure, locked facility 
  • Hands-On Experience with Quality Instrumentation

    The Chemistry department has been very successful with grant funding to purchase new, quality instrumentation.  Undergraduates are trained as early as their Freshman year to run state-of-the-art instrumentation to collect data for their research projects.  We would love to have your join us in research! Below is a sampling of the instrumentation available.

    • Thermo-Fisher Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer
    • Fourier Transform Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer
    • Nicolet IS10 Infrared FT-IR Spectrometer with an ATR accessory
    • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography System (HPLC) with UV and Fluorescence Detection
    • NanoScience Atomic Force Microscope
    • LiCor Plate Reader for Biochemistry
    • Thermo-Fisher Solaar Atomic Absorption Flame Spectrometer
    • Thermo-Fisher Solaar Atomic Absorption Furnace Spectrometer
    • 3 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers
    • 3 Research Grade UV-Vis Spectrometers
    • CEM Microwave synthesis reactor
    • CEM Microwave digestor
    • 2 CHI Potentiostats and 2 Pine Potentiostats
    • Horiba FluorMax Research Fluorimeter
    • GE Protein Chromatography System