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  • Campus Ministry

    Campus Ministry is a presence of Christ for you on campus.  Whether you are facing a difficult decision, struggling with God’s Will, or just need to talk, we invite you to consider Campus Ministry as a resource.  Visit us on the first floor of Saint Francis Hall!

    Meet our Staff


    • Why Do Catholics Teach That: September 30th AT 8 p.m. in the JFK Lounge--
      • -- "What is Service to the Poor”  Join Chelsea St. Peter, an inner-city missionary, as she shares from her experience of serving the poor in Washington, DC and explores what it means to be a Christian, called to serve.

    • We are looking for someone to volunteer to assist with the online streaming of Masses.  If you are interested, please contact Campus Ministry or speak with Br. Marius.
    • If you would like to be involved in Liturgical Ministry (Sacristan, Server, Lector, Music Ministry) for Masses, please contact Campus Ministry at 814-472-3172, email or stop by our office located on the bottom floor of St. Francis Hall (next to the Post Office).