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Business Analytics

Business analysts are needed in nearly every industry. The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics through the Shields School of Business will get you ready to use methods, tools, and software to transform data into powerful information. The curriculum focuses on programming, statistics, data management, and data transformation and visualization.

  • Why study business analytics? 

    1. Data creation is reaching staggering levels.
    Organizations of all types are increasingly searching for ways to leverage this new treasure trove of information. If you can harness and translate data, you can create new understanding,  drive decisions, and set the strategic direction.

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    2. Business Analytics skills are in high demand.
     Analyzing data and creating actionable plans is a highly desired skill set in every industry. Executives need data-driven reviews of departments, programs, products, and people. 

    3. Society relies on ethical analytics to grow and succeed.
    Healthcare professionals use data analytics to improve patient care, methods and processes. Manufacturers uses analytics to provide make products safer.  production recommendations. Law enforcement analyzes trends in crime to protect communities.  Nonprofits shape positive change with the knowledge data brings.    

  • Popular career opportunities for Business Analytics majors:

    • Management Analyst/Consultant
    • Data Scientist
    • Big Data Analytics Specialist
    • Research Analyst
    • Manager of Services or Manufacturing Operations
    • Data Analyst
    • Project Manager
    • Supply Chain Manager
    • Market Research Analyst

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    Whether you want to travel abroad, practice managing a stock portfolio, or create solutions for real businesses through our Small Business Development Center, there are ample opportunities to grow.

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