SFU Associate Dean Receives Statewide Distinguished Colleague Award


Saint Francis University prides itself in sharing the accomplishments and recognition of its distinguished faculty.

Dr. Rita Trofino, Associate Dean, School of Health Sciences & Education, Nursing Department Chair and Professor, was recently awarded the Distinguished Colleague Award from the Pennsylvania Higher Education Nursing Schools Association, Inc. (PHENSA).

PHENSA. is a statewide organization, which helps baccalaureate and higher degree nursing education programs in Pennsylvania plan and implement programs for growth, development and advancement. PHENSA provides a forum and meeting place for those who lead schools of nursing to assemble, learn about the current healthcare issues, discuss ideas and strategies, and plan for nursing’s future.

Membership in the Association is open to the College/University of baccalaureate and higher degree programs with a major in nursing within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which are an integral part of a regionally accredited university or college. The Dean/Director of the member nursing program serves as the official representative.

Criteria for this award is: exercises responsible leadership in planning and implementing programs of action for the growth, development, and advancement of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs; provides leadership which promotes innovations and improvement of nursing education; assists colleagues to assume a pro-active position in relation to forces which impact nursing education; effectively communicates with the general public, legislators, and community leaders regarding the goals of professional nursing education; inspires colleagues by exhibiting enthusiasm, commitment, and creativity.