SFU Announces Dare-to-Dream Award


Saint Francis University is proud to announce a new annual accolade titled the ‘Shields School of Business Dare-to-Dream Award’, a homage to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s iconic "I Have a Dream Speech". Each year, $500 will be awarded to a full-time undergraduate Black or African American student, or a student of Black or African American descent, who is working toward their degree within the Shields School of Business (SSOB) at Saint Francis.  

“I’m very grateful for the generosity of the Shields School of Business faculty and staff, in graciously creating and funding this award. It is just one of many examples of how members of our campus community strive for each and every students’ success,” said University President, Father Malachi Van Tassell, T.O.R., Ph.D.

Each year, SSOB faculty and staff will select a student who exemplifies and promotes Martin Luther King Jr.'s values of service, equality, justice, and selflessness. Additionally, the award will be given to first-year, sophomore, or junior students in good academic standing and will be applied toward their cost of education. 

Shields School of Business at SFU

The Shields School of Business  offers undergraduate business majors, minors and concentrations that carefully blend a high-caliber, professional education with an integrated liberal arts foundation, all grounded in Franciscan values.  With accredited undergraduate, graduate, and online business, communications, and criminal justice degrees, the Shields School of Business affords students every opportunity to obtain a high-caliber, values-based business education.