SFU among 2023 Best "4-Star" Colleges in America

University Communications & Marketing | 07/21/2023

Saint Francis University earned a 4-star rating for quality, affordability and outcomes in the "2023 Best Colleges in America" survey released by Money Magazine.

America's Best Colleges 4 Star Rating

What is the "Best Colleges in America" list?

Money’s "Best Colleges in America" list  is designed to provide valuable information to aid students in selecting a college that fits their goals and priorities.  

To find colleges that combine quality and affordability, Money analyzed dozens of data points, including graduation rates, cost of attendance, financial aid and alumni salaries. The result? Of the more than 2,400 four-year colleges in the United States, 736 made the list including Saint Francis University, made the cut. 

Ratings vs. rankings?

Once on the list, these colleges were rated using Money’s new star rating system (2.5 to 5), replacing their former numerical ranking. 

The rating system is based on 26 competitive metrics in three categories—affordability, quality of education, and student outcomes. The metrics include cost of attendance, financial aid, graduation rates, and alums’ salaries. 

This new star rating approach allows students and parents to see a broader range and variety of colleges, recognizing that there are multiple ways for a school to provide value and numerous “best” colleges, depending on one’s goals and priorities.

Saint Francis University’s 4-Star Rating

Money's four-star rating reflects the University's ongoing focus on providing students with an education that is affordable and accessible and that prepares them to thrive after graduation financially and personally.


 Metrics that factored into the four-star rating showcasing accessibility,  affordability and student outcomes: 

  • Accessibility: SFU has an acceptance rate of 73% with 1,700 undergraduate enrollment.
  • Affordability: 99% of students with need receive grants. 
  • Outcomes:  Students leave Saint Francis earning 81% more than their peers with only a high school diploma. Graduates report early career earnings of $62,100. 

 See Saint Francis University’s complete profile on Money here: https://money.com/best-colleges/profile/saint-francis-university/.