Real Chemistry Experiments: 40 Exciting STEAM Activities for Kids


Book of chemistry experiments geared to tweens, penned by SFU professor, released in time for Christmas gift giving


Real Chemistry Experiments: 40 Exciting STEAM Activities for Kids is available for pre-order from Amazon and other larger retailers with a scheduled release date of Dec. 10. 


This colorful, step-by-step guide, written by Saint Francis University Chemistry Professor, Dr. Edward P. Zovinka, aims to make the learning process fun for budding kid chemists ages 8-12.


The book outlines real-life science activities that allow the tweens to learn the real chemistry behind how and why each experiment works, like why water and oil don’t mix in the “Oily Oceans” experiment, or how geodes form in “Eggshell Geodes.”


From tap water and paper towels, to popsicle sticks and dish soap, the materials needed for these experiments are quick and easy to find. Yet these simple supplies allow the kids to gain tons of knowledge about chemistry and what it is, from the scientific method and the Periodic Table, to atoms and the five main areas of study.


According to Dr. Zovinka, “Working through age-appropriate Chemistry experiments, can help kids become better problem solvers, inventors, and innovators which are critical skills for future STEM professionals.”  For the past 25 years, Zovinka has served as the director of the Rural Outreach Chemistry for Kids (ROCK) program at SFU which impacts more than 5,000 K-12 grade students annually.


“When Rockridge Press sought an author to develop an activity book for kids 8-12 years old, I was a natural fit because of the success of ROCK with this age group, shared Zovinka who is currently writing a second book for Rockridge along with his wife Dr. Rose Clark. This book will feature an in-depth, age-appropriate look into the periodic table.


About the Author:


Dr. Edward P. Zovinka is a Professor of Chemistry at Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania. He was born in Bronx, New York, to 1st generation Slovak-American parents but grew up in Orange CT. He earned his BS in Chemistry from Roanoke College followed by a PhD from UC-Davis. He has worked at Saint Francis for most of his career. Over the years he has been honored with the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Pennsylvania Professor of the Year, J. Kevin Scanlon Award for the Promotion of Science from the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh, as well as numerous teaching awards at Saint Francis. He is very interested in keeping people interested in the sciences, especially chemistry!