Neuro Wellness Clinics

Mitchell Jubas | 11/04/2022

The Occupational and Physical Therapy Departments have collaborated this year to host their annual Neuro Wellness Clinics. The Neuro Wellness Clinics were introduced under the supervision of Dr. Lorie Rowles, Shelley Mazzetti (MOT Class of ’17) and Dr. Robyn Redline, Dr. Brittany Kennedy, and Dr. Jessica Cammarata. The clinics are held annually for 6 weeks.


The purpose of the clinics is for the students to engage with local community members and offer them specialized services such as Occupational and Physical Therapy. The students work with clients who have suffered various neurological events such as traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, and stroke. The program offers interdisciplinary opportunities with the 4th year Occupational Therapy students in conjunction with the doctoral program 2nd year Physical Therapy students. Every Thursday each department hosts the clinic in their department. The clinics consist of two one-hour sessions with each department along with a 15-minute co-treatment plan with the Occupational therapy and the Physical therapy students working together.


The clinics are not only beneficial to the clients but are also very valuable to the students and help prepare them for their upcoming medical careers in the fields of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.


Enjoy Scenes from the day below.