24th Annual Science Day 2017


More than 530 high school students from 30 local schools celebrated science on the Saint Francis University campus for the 24th Annual Science Day event.

Dr. Pete Skoner, Professor of Physics and Science Day organizer, started the morning off with the inspiring story of Maurice Stokes and Jack Twyman and the “Become That Someone” theme embraced by the University. New this year, Dr. Skoner invited students to “Become That Scientist” on Instagram throughout the day to share their science day experiences. Participants chose from a variety of prizes at the end of the day.

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Hands-on Science Sessions

 Students not participating in the science bowl were able to participate in their choice of three concurrent presentations given by science faculty and industry professionals. These sessions help students determine what kind of career path they may be interested in by exposing them to experiences they may not have in high school. Those interested in the medical field may have attended a cadaver lab where they had an opportunity to hold a human brain and examine the lungs. For students interested in forensic chemistry, a hypothetical crime scene was set up to analyze evidence. Those interested in environmental engineering and sustainability had a chance to be the first students inside our new, off-the-grid tiny classroom located on campus.

Other sessions included:

  • “Fins or Foes: Are Humans and Fish Really Related?” by Marian Langer, Biology

  • “Concussion Management with Medical Technology” by Dr. Mark Boland, Physical Therapy

  • “Perceptual Illusions! The Psychology of our Senses” by Dr Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg, Psychology

  • “Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering as a Career Choice” by Dr. Qin He, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

  • “Cryptography: Making and Breaking Secret Codes” by Alum Dillon Brown and SFU Senior Taylor Derhammer, Computer Science

  • “Fireworks, Projectiles, and Rainbows: What Chemists do for Fun” by Dr. Pedro Muiño, Chemistry


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Science Bowl Competition

Sixteen teams competed throughout the day to win the coveted Science Bowl. Richland High School took home their first ever win against runner up and last year’s winner DuBois Area High School.


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The event is sponsored by the academic departments in the School of Sciences and the Science Outreach Center as well as by the entire campus. The day wouldn’t be possible without the faculty presenters, student volunteers, alumni, staff and involved high school teachers. Over 700 people are involved every year to celebrate and share an interest in science.