Michael Zambotti

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Position: Visiting Assistant Professor

Department: Computer Science

Office: Science Center 027


About Michael Zambotti


  •  BS in Finance from Penn State in 1998
  •  Masters in Cybersecurity from Utica University in 2017 (with an emphasis in Intelligence)


Mr. Michael Zambotti joined the faculty at Saint Francis in 2021. He is passionate about cybersecurity and has a specific interest in Open Source Intelligence (OSINIT) as well as cyber incident response and management. Michael is devoted to his students and promotes student success and growth through a combination of engagement and responsiveness. In addition to teaching at Saint Francis, Michael is an Adjunct Lecturer in the Graduate Cybersecurity program at Utica University. He also works as a Client CIO at Miles Technologies in Lumberton, NJ.




Courses Taught

  • 101 Cybersecurity Administration
  • 130 Cybersecurity Administration
  • 210 Cybersecurity Administration
  • 335 Cybersecurity Administration
  • 336 Cybersecurity Administration