Ms. Brianna Pavkovich

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Brianna Pavkovich

Position: Director, Aviation Maintenance Technician Program

Department: Aviation/AMT

Office: Hangar 15 / Science Center 027


About Ms. Brianna Pavkovich


  • Associate of Specialized Technology, Aviation, Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics, March 2012.
  • Associate of Applied Science, Entrepreneurship, Pennsylvania Highlands Community College, May 2023.


Brianna Pavkovich has traveled around the United States working in various positions in aviation since she graduated Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics in 2012. Through her travels and speaking with different people on flights, she developed an intense interest in entrepreneurship and turning hobbies into businesses. In 2021 she decided it was a career investment to pursue a business degree not only for her hobbies but also her aviation career. Brianna also has a formal education in well over a dozen aviation courses including 6 separate airframes, specialty turbine engine courses, and specialty avionics courses.

Brianna and her husband Brian reside in Rockwood, PA along with their two daughters Kayden and Zora. They raise them to have a love for aviation, animals, nature and humanity.

Courses Taught


  • Mathematics  

  • Physics for Aviation

  • Aircraft Drawings  

  • Weight and Balance  

  • Cleaning and Corrosion Control  

  • Aircraft Materials, Hardware and Processes  

  • Fluid Lines and Fittings  

  • Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics  

  • Human Factors  

  • Ground Operations and Servicing  

  • Regulations, Maintenance Forms, Records and Publications  

  • Inspection Concepts and Techniques  

Airframe I 

  • Landing Gear Systems  
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
  • Aircraft Fuel Systems
  • Airframe Inspections
  • Metallic Structures
  • Flight Controls  

Airframe II 

  • Aircraft Electrical Systems

  • Communications/Navigation Systems

  • Aircraft Instrument Systems

  • Environmental Systems

  • Non-Metallic Structures

  • Water and Waste Systems

  • Ice and Rain Control Systems

  • Rotorcraft Fundamentals

  • Airframe Fire Protection Systems  

Powerplant I 

  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Turbine Engines
  • Engine Inspection
  • Propellers
  • Engine Electrical Systems
  • Engine Instrument Systems  

Powerplant II 

  • Ignition and Starting Systems
  • Engine Fire Protection Systems
  • Engine Fuel and Fuel Metering Systems
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Reciprocating Engine Induction and Cooling Systems
  • Turbine Engine Air Systems
  • Engine Exhaust and Reverser Systems