History, Bachelor of Arts


Research the past to understand the present with a History Degree from Saint Francis University

History can help you build your future by studying the past. Our program offers a well-rounded look into history while also allowing you to take specialized electives, learn from hands-on internships, and dive into your own research. The History major also pairs well with a specialization in Pre-Law, a concentration in Secondary Education, or a variety of minors, allowing you to pursue your unique interests while preparing for your chosen career.


Offered: On-Campus

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take a variety of interesting, specialized classes to broaden your knowledge
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explore your passions with built-in research opportunities
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gain valuable experience with exciting internships
History Students

History the Saint Francis Way

At Saint Francis University, you can turn your love of history into an exciting and rewarding career. In the classroom or in the field, hands-on experiences such as research, internships, and study abroad opportunities will help you integrate the past and present while learning valuable analytical, interpretive, and communication skills.

Explore your Path in History

Our cutting-edge curriculum provides a solid foundation in historical methodology and analysis while allowing you to pursue your unique areas of interest.  Here are a few more reasons to study history at SFU.


 Leadership Opportunities: Many of our majors assume leadership positions in student government, their fraternities and sororities, and various student clubs.


Innovative courses: We integrate our research into the classroom through innovative, fun courses like “The Black Death,” “The History of Fashion," and "Witchcraft in Transatlantic Context."


Experiential learning: Have fun while gaining real-world experience through service learning in nearby communities like Johnstown and Cresson internships at history associations, parks, museums, or federal agencies, study abroad, and participation in our thriving History Club.


What You’ll Learn in the History Program

The study of history develops an awareness and understanding of the past, a sensitivity to the rich variety of human experience and aspirations, and an appreciation for the extraordinary human capacity for good and for evil. Further, it illuminates the present and renders it intelligible by providing both context and direction

  • Degree Paths
  • Learning Objectives
  • On-Campus:

    Degree PathDescriptionCourse Catalog Plan of Study

    History, B. A.

    in-person bachelor of arts degree

    Course Catalog - 23/24

    Plan of Study

    Pre-Law Concentration

    focus within History, B.A. 

    Course Catalog - 23/24

    Plan of Study

    Social Studies/Secondary Education Concentration

    focus within History, B.A.

    Course Catalog - 23/24

    Plan of Study

  • Learning Outcomes:


    1. Understand major developments in History.
      • Identify key events, movements, and figures in the history of the U.S., and understand these events, movements, and figures in transnational history.
      • Identify key events, movements, and figures in the history of Europe, and understand these events, movements, and figures in a transnational context.
      • Identify key events, movements, and figures in world history and understand these events, movements, and figures in a transnational context.
      • Develop a chronological and synthetic paradigm of the past.
    2. Develop critical thinking skills within the context of the discipline of History.
      • Find and analyze primary source documents.
      • Find and interpret secondary sources.
      • Generate evidence-based original analysis.
    3. Develop effective writing skills.
      • Utilize methods appropriate to the discipline of History.
      • Implement citation styles consistent with the professional standards of History.
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Experienced faculty who love to teach

At SFU you study closely with faculty who actively research and publish in such fields  as environmental, medical, labor, and women's history. You will have one-on-one contact with professors, including opportunities for individualized courses and self-directed study.  Guest speakers augment the instruction to enrich the value of the program.


Program Chair: Dr. Denise Holladay Damico,, 814.472.3310
Coordinator: Dr. Mark C. Gentry,, 814.472.3059

Career Outlook with a Degree in History Degree

Students of history learn to reason critically and analytically, synthesize large quantities of information, and write clearly and effectively—skills that are applicable in any job setting. History majors are particularly suited to work as teachers, lawyers, politicians, analysts, and more.


SFU Alumni work in the following fields:

Percent of SFU History Alumni* by Field Employed: Education 43%; Law 8% ,  Government 9%, Military 2 %, Sales/Marketing 6%, Management 8%


Government Jobs of SFU Alumni

  • FBI Agents
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Secret Service
  • Office of Attorney General
  • Homeland Security

Unique Jobs of SFU Alumni

  • National Football League Security Rep
  • Antique Dealer
  • National Airline Pilot
  • Office of Attorney General
  • Park Ranger for Park Service

Frequently Asked Questions About History and Saint Francis University

  • Are there internship opportunities available?

    Our faculty will work with you one-on-one to find an internship that will allow you to grow and will fit your desired career goals.   Great opportunities for students are available, in particular, through the Washington Center and Washington Internship Institute.