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Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

  • The undergraduate education provided by Saint Francis University is funded primarily from tuition. Annual tuition amounts are approved by the Board of Trustees. The tuition rate for the 2020-21 academic year is $38,078 for a full-time, traditional undergraduate student. 

    In addition, there are fees for expenses associated with lodging, food, insurance, facilities, technology, orientation, and travel. For assistance in funding, we also offer a wide-array of financial aid resources to help you achieve your higher-education goals.

    The amounts below are estimated based on two semesters (fall/spring) of full-time study (12-18 credits each semester). Students will be charged an additional $1,155 per credit for all credits over the flat rate maximum of 18 credits.

    The actual totals for each student are dependent on room and board preferences, credits of courses or labs with special fees, waiver of student health insurance and vehicle on campus, etc.

  • Tuition and Fees Summary

    2020-21 Tuition/Fees (Annual Totals)



    Tuition Flat Rate (12-18 credits per semester)                                   $38,078$38,078
    Technology Fee (2020-2021)$650$650
    Room (2020-2021 Double Occupancy)$6,148n/a
    Meal Plan (Platinum option - 275 meals with $100 flex dollars and 8 guest meals)$6,324optional
    Lab/Course Feessee lab fees see lab fees
    Orientation Fee$115$115
    Student Health Insurance estimate (must be waived by student)$1,769$1,769
     Vehicle Registration$130 $110 


    Room/Board & Meal Plan Options

    Room Type (Per Semester)

    All other residence halls

    Christian Hall

    Off-Campus Housing
    (Includes Honors House, Pine View Townhouses, East Gate Apartments, Spaulding Cottage, Theme Housing, and Non-Owned Housing)
    $4,384 $4,384


    Meal Plan Fees

    For more information, see Meal Plan Descriptions
    Commuter Meal Plan -Various plans available. Contact the Residence Life


    Lab & Course Fees

    Laboratory and Course Fees broken down by program

    All fees are dependent on credits of registration for qualifying courses or labs.

    Contingent Fees

    Contingent Fees

    Per Occurrence

    Audit Fee (per credit)$595 
    Official Transcript$20
    Late Check-In Fee$125
    Special Exam Fee$35
    Vehicle Registration: Resident (yearly) $130
    Vehicle Registration: Full-Time Commuter (yearly) $110
    ID Replacement  $30


    Mandatory Fees
    Application Fee (Traditional and Adult Degree Continuing Studies)$30 
    Application Fee (MMS, MHS, MPH)$55 

    Graduation Fee (For all students that reach graduation, regardless of attendance at the commencement ceremony)

    Occupational Therapy Fee (4th-5th year) per semester $650
    Orientation Fee$115 
     Physician Assistant Fee (4th year) per semester $1,015
    Physician Assistant Fee (5th year) per semester $660
    Physical Therapy Fee (4th-6th year) per semester $650
    Technology Fee - per semester $325




    All full-time undergraduate students are required to purchase a laptop through the Laptop Program, which grants students access to the most up-to-date academic software, Internet, email, and printing services. 

    Learn more about the Laptop Program