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Support Resources

  • Saint Francis University is committed to treating all members of the community with dignity, empathy, and respect. Any individual affected by harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking, or relationship violence, whether as a reporting party, responding party, or a third party, will have equal access to support and counseling services through the University. The University recognizes that deciding whether or not to make a report and choosing how to proceed can be difficult decisions. We encourage any individual who has questions or concerns to seek the support of campus and community resources. These resources can provide guidance in making decisions, information about available resources and procedural options, and assistance to either party in the event that a report and/or resolution under the University’s policy is pursued. Individuals are encouraged to use all available resources, regardless of when or where the incident occurred.

    Information about reporting is available if you decide that you would like to take next steps to make a report to the University. 

    Confidential Resources:

    Saint Francis University encourages all community members to make a prompt report of any alleged incident of harassment, sexual misconduct, stalking, and/or relationship violence to local law enforcement and the University. For individuals who are not prepared to make a report but are still seeking information and support, there are statutorily-protected confidential resources available, as designated below. These confidential resources will not share information with the University without the individual’s consent.

    On-Campus Confidential Resources:

    Student Counseling Center (814) 472-3211. Located in Saint Francis Hall

    Student Health Center (814) 472-3008. Located in the DiSepio Institute.

    Campus Resources:

    You may choose to talk with someone on-campus you trust who is not a confidential resource, such as the Associate Dean of Students, a Residence Life Coordinator, or a close friend. All of the staff listed below are trained to support any individual affected by sexual misconduct. While not bound by confidentiality, these resources will maintain the privacy of all individuals involved within the limited circle of the Title IX team.

    Title IX Coordinator

    Lynne Banks PIC

    Lynne Banks
    Associate Dean of Students
    Padua Hall 232B, 814.472.3352

    Title IX Deputy Coordinator

    Donald Miles PIC

    Donald Miles
    Director of Residence Life
    Padua Hall 227, 814.472.3380

    Title IX Team

    Eric Allen Thumbnail 

    Eric Allen
    Job title: Captain
    Location: SBDC Building
    Email:, Phone#: 814-472-3360
    Pete Skoner PIC

    Peter Skoner
    Founding Dean
    Department: School of STEAM
    Scotus Hall 303, 814.472.3085
    Marian Bender PIC

    Marian Bender
    Director of Human Resources
    Raymond Hall 121,, 814.472.3931
    Bobby Anderson 

    Bobby Anderson
    Associate Dean of Admissions 
    Padua Hall 232A,, 814.472.3386
    Erika Renwick PIC

    Erika Renwick
    Senior Associate Director of Athletics
    Stokes Athletics Center 153,, 814.472.3294
  • Saint Francis University’s Title IX Team and all persons associated with the Title IX Process are certified through unbiased and free from conflict nationally-recognized organizations.  The training and certifications that our team has been part of are:

    • ATIXA Level I – Title IX Investigator
    • ATIXA Level II – Civil Rights Investigator
    • ATIXA Level III – Civil Rights Investigator
    • ATIXA Level IV – Civil Rights Investigator
    • ATIXA Level I – Title IX Coordinator
    • ATIXA Level II – Title IX Coordinator
    • ATIXA Level III – Title IX Coordinator
    • ATIXA Level IV – Title IX Coordinator
    • ATIXA East Coast Annual Conference
    • Rural Higher Education Institute
    • Stetson Law – Annual Law on Higher Education
    • Legal Issues in Vermont Law Conference
    • United Educators – Sexual Misconduct Prevention

    While we do not maintain a website yet to highlight our training materials, one is coming soon.  Until then all of the previous training materials such as agendas, handouts and manuals are available upon request for inspection by members of the public, email