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Dr. Samantha Radford

  • Samantha Radford Profile

    Position: Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Department: Chemistry

    Office: Science Center 213

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    About Dr. Samantha Radford


    • B.S. in Chemistry, Berry College
    • Ph. D. in Chemistry, Emory University


    Dr. Radford comes to Saint Francis University from Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia  where she taught general chemistry as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Dr. Radford's graduate research at Emory University centered on the degradation of organophosphate and pyrethroids in food and beverages using solid phase extraction, liquid phase extraction, liquid and gas chromatographic separations, mass spectrometric detection, and electron capture detection. Dr. Radford has published in multiple peer- reviewed American Chemical Society journals including the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and the Journal of Chemical Education.

    • Research & Teaching
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    Research & Teaching

    Research Interests

    Dr. Radford's research interests centers on quantification of insecticide degradation in foods and beverages using gas chromatography. The degradation of insecticides in foods is of interest because its aids in better estimating human insecticide exposure. Currently, she is developing a method to extract 3-phenoxybenzyl alcohol, a degraduate of many pyrethoid insecticides, from juice. She plans to subsequently use the method she develops to follow the degradation of pyrethoids in juices over time.


    Selected Recent Publications

    • Parinya Panuwet, Ronald E. Hunter, Jr., Priya E. D’Souza, Xianyu Chen, Samantha A.
    • Radford, Jordan R. Cohen, M. Elizabeth Marder, Kanstantsin Kartavenka, P. Barry Ryan, and Dana Boyd Barr. Biological Matrix Effects in Quantitative Tandem Mass Spectrometry-Based Analytical Methods: Advancing Biomonitoring.  Accepted for Publication in Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry.  October 23, 2014.
    •  Radford, S.A.; Panwet, P.; Hunter, R.E.; Barr, P.B.; HPLC-MS/MS Method for the Measurement of Insecticides Degraduates in Baby Food. J. Agricultural Food Chem. 2014, 62, 7085-91.
    • Radford, S.A.; Hunter, R.E.; Barr, D.B.; Ryan, P.B. Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Insecticides from Juice: An Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Experiment. J. Chem. Educ. 2013, 90, 483-86.
    • Panuwet, P.; Hunter, R.E.; D'Souza, P.; Chen, X.; Radford, S.A.; Cohen, J.; Marder, M.E.; Kartavenka, K.; P.B.; Barr, D.B. Biological Matrix Effects in Quantitative Tandem Mass Spectrometry-Based Analytical Methods; Advancing Biomonitoring. Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry. Submitted 2014.