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Induction Ceremony for Neuroscience Honor Society

October 8, 2019 Tags: Academics , Distinctions , Health Sciences and Education , STEAM

Saint Francis University held the inaugural induction ceremony for the recently established chapter of Nu Rho Psi, the national Neuroscience honor society. Nu Rho Psi is the only nationally-recognized honor society in the area of brain research. The inducted students and faculty were invited to become members based on their interest and commitment to the interdisciplinary study of Neuroscience. The students were nominated based on their high scholastic achievement and their potential to excel as future neuroscientists.

Nu Rho Psi ceremonyThe Saint Francis chapter application received unanimous approval by the vote of the Nu Rho Psi National Council. In their review, the one reviewer wrote, “Clearly, St Francis University is a very special place and I'm excited to have one of our national chapters there”, and another wrote, “I am convinced that there is a strong culture and support for both research and co-curricular activities at Saint Francis.”

Dr. Karan Powell, Vice President of Academic Affairs addressed the students and their families at the induction. “At SFU, students integrate knowledge and build a broad foundation in this dynamic field of neuroscience through the interaction with faculty from a variety of disciplines, and through their research and applied practice,” says Dr. Powell. “Nu Rho Psi membership provides recognition of academic excellence in the interdisciplinary field of neuroscience.” 

Dr. Stephen LoRusso, Professor of Physical Therapy, recalled the creation of the Neuroscience minor in 1997, when he worked with Dr. Marian Langer from Biology, Dr. Rose Clark from Chemistry, and Dr. Gilmour from Psychology to create an interdisciplinary minor available to students of various majors. Dr. Donald Walkovich, Dean of the School of Health Sciences and Education, spoke about the collaboration between disciplines. “All of the knowledge of the professors working together helps students understand everybody’s roles and respect all of the roles.”

The 2019 Nu Rho Psi Inductees included:

NuRhoPsi InducteesBrittney Fryer
Elana Benninghoff
Emily Laslo
Emily Noel
Joshua Luciew
Julia Kuehn
Lauren Montecalvo
Lauren Ryan
Lauren Scala
Lauren Vasas
Maria Ridilla
Mia Capuzzi
Micaela Bessette
Olivia Wimer
Rachel Marrow
Rebecca Horchar
Samantha Hegedus
Sarah Westin
Sydney Adamik

Valerie Boles

The 2019 Nu Rho Psi Faculty Inductees included:

Dr. Jessica Cammarata
Dr. Justin Merry
Dr. Marian Langer
Dr. Robyn Redline
Dr. Shlomit Flaisher-Grinberg
Dr. Stephen LoRusso
Mrs. Michelle Beck

Neuroscience at Saint Francis University

The Neuroscience minor at SFU is an interdisciplinary program of study. Students examine the relationship between the brain and behavior from a variety of perspectives, including biology, chemistry, psychology, medicine, pharmacology and philosophy. The aim of the minor is to allow students to enhance their understanding of how neuroscience relates to their majors and careers. From the neurological basis of sensation, perception, cognition and movement, to the biological underpinnings of normal and abnormal behavior, students explore how the actions of neurons manifest in our everyday life. Via the interaction with faculty from a variety of disciplines, and presenting primary literature, students integrate knowledge and build a broad foundation in this dynamic field. To learn more about the Neuroscience program please visit:

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