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Dr. Mark Lynch

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    Position: Professor of Social Work, Project Manager IM4Q Project, Co-Director of the Rural Center for Applied Social, Behavioral and Health Research, Professor of Women's Studies

    Department: Social Work, Francis Worldwide, Women's Studies

    Office: Library 314

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    About Dr. Mark Lynch


    I received my Ph.D. in social work from the University of Pittsburgh.


    I am currently the director of the Social Work program. I have been the director for 8 years, after having been field instruction coordinator for 8 years. My research interest are in the area of mental health, research on treatment, domestic violence, family and group therapy, teen pregnancy and welfare legislation, and policy.

    • Courses Taught
    • Research Interests
    Courses Taught
    • Introduction to Women's Studies (SCWK/SOC 202)
    • Social Welfare Policies, Programs and Issues (SCWK 314)
    • Senior Seminar (SCWK 426)
    • Social Work Processes I (SCWK 315)
    • The Family (Soc 201)
    Research Interests

    Empirical Practice Research and Self-efficacy

    I have recently completed research for my dissertation. My topic explored the relationship between graduate research education and research skills use. I explored self-efficacy as a possible mediating variable. An additional moderating variable discovered was support for research by the agency. By the way, a wonderful self -efficacy link is: http://www.emory.edu/EDUCATION/mfp/effpage.html.

    Support and Practice Research

    In 2005, 4 students used an Undergraduate Research grant to research the relationship between support in social work agencies and practice research and research productivity. Drs. Lynch, Zhang and Roberts are mentors for the study.

    Protection From Abuse Orders

    Dr. James Roberts, Dr. Lening Zhang and I are examining the relationship of Protect From Abuse orders and several issues such as recidivism of arrest and reasons for premature termination of the orders.

    School Voucher Programs

    As part of an undergraduate research grant, three students and I to measured Pennsylvania residents opinions and knowledge of school vouchers. The students learned to develop a survey, distribute it to a proper sample, collect data, and analyze the data using a statistical program.

    BSW Licensure

    Three social work students received an undergraduate research grant to explore the issue of licensure for BSW practitioners in Pennsylvania. The work under the advisement of Dr. Zhang and myself, lead to a poster presentation and a short article in the PA NASW journal.

    R.O.C.K. Grant Research

    The social work program and chemistry program received a grant to research the effectiveness of the R.O.C.K. program as a service learning project. The two year study was presented at the National Society of Experiential Education in Las Vegas last year. An article has been submitted to the Journal of Higher Education and Experiential Education.

    Other topics

    I am also interested in the following topics: Welfare reform, teen pregnancy, victims empowerment, wounded healer's syndrome, and direct practice effectiveness.