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  • Management, at its heart, is all about people.

    The success of any organization ultimately lies in its people, and management, at its heart, is all about people. Managers develop objectives for the organization to achieve and craft plans for how the people they manage will go about accomplishing those objectives. Managers organize the resources of the organization so that the people have the money, tools, and information necessary to achieve those objectives. Mangers also influence people’s desire to achieve the objectives through leadership and monitor progress towards the objectives, taking corrective action when necessary to ensure the objectives are met. The study of management prepares students to manage profit and non-profit organizations through an education in the classical principles of management provided by the field's major thinkers and practitioners, along with theories and concepts drawn from fields as diverse as psychology and sociology. Management is a challenging and dynamic field with limitless opportunities in organizations of every size and type.

    Degree Options:

  • Management Majors
    • Management, B.S.  
    • Entrepreneurship Concentration (B.S. in Management)
    • Healthcare Management Concentration (B.S. in Management) 
    • Five-year Management to MBA Program, B.S.  

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Business to view degree requirements.

    Management Minors
    • Management, Minor  
    • Healthcare Management, Minor 
    • Sports Management, Minor 

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Business to view degree requirements.

    Career Opportunities

    As managers are needed in every organization at every level, career opportunities are plentiful and varied. Students can customize their education to better suit their career objectives in many ways, either by pairing their degree with one of the many options for minors or concentrations, or selectively choosing their electives in other ways so as to improve their marketability to future employers. In this respect, the students’ advisor will work closely with them to customize their education so as to prepare them for the career they desire. Saint Francis Management graduates begin careers in a wide range of organizations across the U.S. and internationally. Some also choose to continue their education and pursue their MBA degree either at Saint Francis, through our five year Management to MBA program, or at other institutions, while others pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures, starting the small businesses that are the engine of the U.S. economy. Regardless of their path, the faculty of the School of Business remains at their service to provide advice and guidance to support their continued success.

  • Management at Saint Francis University

    The Management program at Saint Francis is designed to ensure that students have exposure to the broad base of knowledge necessary to be successful in their chosen field. The professors have a wide variety of real-world professional experience in their chosen fields and make it a priority to help students understand how various theoretical concepts apply to actual practice. Faculty members work closely with the students, whether in the classroom, in student organizations, or as advisors and maintain a constant focus on preparing students for their future careers. The program offers students a wide-ranging knowledge base that increases their value to employers, including: the history of management, business ethics, the legal environment of business, human resource management and labor relations, organizational behavior, production management, risk management, marketing, decision-making, statistics, quantitative methods, leadership, and strategic management.