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  • Procedures

    An overview of campus procedures in case of emergency and some personal recommendations to help you keep you safe.

  • Fire

    If you discover a fire, please close the door to the room where the fire is located. Immediately sound the fire alarm. (The pull stations are near the stairways and exits). Exit the building. Call University Police at 472-3360. Give your name and location of fire.

    The fire alarm will sound in the building it is activated and to UNIVERSITY POLICE radios. The alarm also automatically notifies emergency personnel. When the alarm sounds, you MUST evacuate the building regardless of the number of previous false alarms. Do not attempt to lock your doors. Leave the lights on and close the doors only. Know where you fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire exits are located in your residence hall or other buildings on campus. Evacuate at least 500 feet from the building and stay out of the way of emergency personnel. When the building is clear to re-enter you will be notified and allowed back in.

    Medical Emergency

    For minor injuries, report to the Student Health Center in the JFK Student Center or call x3008.

    Report any serious injury or illness by calling 911 immediately. After doing this, immediately call University Police at x3360. When speaking with 911, state the problem, state where and in what building the emergency exists, state the number you are calling from, and have someone stay by that phone until help arrives. University Police has contact with 911 via our radio system at all times.

    Begin first aid if qualified, or seek someone who can. Trained personnel will respond shortly, but do not wait to start necessary first aid treatment. Personal safety is your first priority. Use protective equipment when in contact with the victim's blood or bodily fluids. Remain with the victim until University Police or emergency crews arrive. 


    f a student or person is causing a disturbance on campus, call University Police at x3360. If this is a life threatening emergency call the Police immediately at 911. Give your name, location, and a brief description of the person (s) involved. Wait for the Police and be prepared to give them a statement about the events that occurred.

    A student of Saint Francis University is expected to conduct himself/ herself as a responsible member of the campus community. Saint Francis University does not permit the following behaviors:

    • Excessively noisy or disruptive behavior
    • Lewd, indecent or obscene behavior
    • Harassment or intimidation of any person
    • Abusive behavior or physical violence against any person
    • Hazing
    • Sexual assault and sexual harassment
    • Intentionally or recklessly destroying, damaging or misusing the property of others, including property of the University
    • Theft or unauthorized possession of any property owned by the University or by members of the University community
    • Theft of services on University premises

    Bomb Threats

    Bomb threats usually occur by telephone. The person receiving the call should remain calm and gain as much information as possible from the caller (i.e. date & exact time of call, time set to explode, location & type of bomb, estimated age & gender of caller, emotional state of caller, background noises, etc.) Call University Police at x3360. Inform them of the situation, including any information you may have as to the location of the bomb, time it is set to explode, time call was received, and any other information.

    If you spot a suspicious object, package, etc., report it to authorities, but do not touch it or attempt to move it. If instructed to evacuate, move a safe distance away from the building. Do not re-enter until instructed that it is safe to do so.

    Protect Your Vehicle

    Always lock your car doors. Never leave your keys in your vehicle. Have your keys ready when you approach your vehicle. Before you enter look inside to make sure someone is not hiding inside.

    Avoid leaving valuable property inside and in plain view. If you must leave valuables inside, lock them in the trunk or conceal them so they are not visible. Engrave or mark items left in your car for later identification if stolen (CD's, speaker boxes, removable stereo face plates, etc.) For engraving purposes, use your social security number or driver's license number for easy identification.

    Always report suspicious person( s) or vehicle (s) in campus parking lots to Police at x3360. Note what they were doing, where they were, what they were driving, and the clothing they had on.