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Chemistry Success Stories

    • Chemistry Grads Katelyn Jessica Sierra
    • Chemistry Grad Katie
    • Stephanie MD
    • Chemistry Grads Karla and Ben
    • Chemistry Grad Simon
    • Chemistry Grads Mitch Jack Paul
    • Katelyn N: Forensic Chemist I, Kentucky State Police

      Jessica R: Duquesne University PharmD program

      Sierra S: Forensic Scientist I, Frederick County State's Attorney and Maryland State Police Crime Lab.

    • Katie presenting her undergraduate research at Pittcon in Atlanta, GA.

    • Stephanie, Chemistry/Pre-Medicine alum, now a Medical Doctor.

    • Karla (now in dental school) and Ben (working towards a Ph.D.).

    • Simon is off to Medical School (shown here working on undergraduate research).

    • Mitch, Jack and Paul at ACS meeting in New Orleans.

  • Selam Woldemeskel ProfileSelam Publication in Molecular Microbiology(1)Selam A Woldemeskel
    Born and raised in Ethiopia, and currently a PhD candidate in the Goley Lab at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Selam recently published her research and was featured on the cover of Molecular Microbiology.

  • Quotes from Grads:

    "Thank you (Dr. Clark and Dr. Z) for being such a huge part in my development of not only being a chemist but as a person."
    -Kim R., '09

    "I just accepted a new position in my company as a Chemist/Microbiologist & Lab Development. Super happy with my life decisions so far, all thanks to your coaching."
    -Brandyn P., '16

    "Thank you so much for everything. I have felt much more prepared for all of this because of all your classes and advice! It was funny, during my interview they asked me 7 science questions and 6/7 of the questions were straight from a forensics test of Yours!"
    -Sierra S., '17

    "I wanted to personally thank you for awarding me the Mary and Paul Zovinka Undergraduate Research Award as I continue my education and research.  Thank you so much for this award and all of the opportunities you have given me at Saint Francis University." 
    - Kassidy T.,  '19

  • Where are they now?

    We are so proud of our Chemistry alumni, students, faculty and staff! Here are a few of the success stories that we just had to share.

    Chemistry Graduates Graduation Date After Graduation
     Tinsae A2018 Attending Nova Southeastern University College of Optometry
     Victoria F2018 Graduate School at LECOM School of Dental Medicine 
     Simon P2018 Accepted into Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
     CJ W2018 Duquesne School of Pharmacy 
     Sabrina B2017 Attending LECOM for Pharmacy
     Christopher E2017 Attending LECOM for Pharmacy
     Mark F2017 Attending Penn State Univ. to pursue a PhD in Molecular Biology
     Ben J2017 Attending Ohio State University to pursue a PhD in Analytical Chem
     Karla K2017 Attending Univ. of Detroit, Mercy Dental School
     Rebekah K2017 Attending West Virginia University to pursue a PhD in Chemistry
     Dalton M2017 Engineer w/ Lennon, Smith, & Souleret Engineering, Coraopolis PA
     Katelyn N2017 Forensic Chemist I, Kentucky State Police
     Brandyn P2017 QC Analyst for Lonza Corp, Rochester.
     Jessica R2017 Attending Duquesne University to earn her PharmD
     William S2017 Postulant for the Franciscan Friars TOR
     Taylor S2017Weatherwood Manor, Assisted Living Facility, Pittsburgh PA 
     Sierra S2017 Forensic Scientist I, Frederick County Crime Lab
    Amanda B 2016   Pursuing Doctor of Optometry at Salus University
    Kayla B 2016   Chemistry teacher, Forbes Rd School District, Waterfall, PA
    Chelsey  C2016 AAS, PharmD LECOM, Pharmacist, UPMC Altoona
    Cathleen F 2016  Pursuing PhD in Chemistry at Ohio State University
     James K2016 Attending Penn State's Ph.D. program
     Mason K2016 AAS, PharmD LECOM, Pharmacist
     Ariana L 2016  Earning MD at Thomas Jefferson Medical College
    Michele L 2016 Earning PharmD at LECOM 
    Dallas M 2016 Completed Masters in Environmental Policy at GW University working at EPA
    Kelsey O 2016  Earning PharmD at LECOM
    Logan S 2016  Pursuing Medical Degree at Liberty University School of Medicine
    David W 2016   Pursuing PhD in Chemistry at Penn State University 
    Christopher A 2015 Attending Salus University Optometry School
    Alyssa C 2015 Employed at the Cove Forge Behavioral Health Systems, Huntingdon, PA
    Stephanie C 2015 Attending the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine
    Mallory C 2015 Attending LECOM Pharmacy School
    Julia H 2015 Exploring graduate school options
    Brandon H 2015 Employed at GeoChemical Testing, Somerset, PA
    Stephen M 2015 Employed at Sanofi Pasteur - Quality Control Analyst
    Maritsa T 2015 Employed at Wayne Memorial Hospital - Medical Lab Technician
    Margaret W 2015 Exploring options in Forensic Science career
    Matthew W 2015 Earning MBA at Saint Francis
    Frank Y 2015 Attending the Case Western Reserve Chemistry Ph.D. Program
    Lucas B 2014 Research & Development Chemist at D - A Lubricants, Lebanon, IN
    Christopher D  2014     Research Assistant at Texas A& M University
    Michael D 2014 Attending Penn State's Ph.D. program in Chemistry
    Phuong M 2014 Attending  Chemistry Ph .D. at West Virginia University
    Robert H 2014 Employed at Jenmar Corp., Pittsburgh, PA
    Chelsey H 2014 Attending LECOM Pharmacy School
    Bemnet K 2014 Attending in Chemisty Ph.D. school at Kansas State University
    Mason K 2014 Attending LECOM Pharmacy School
    Elise L 2014 Research Assistant, Volvo Car Group, Gothenburg, Sweden
    Gregory M 2014 Attending Penn State's Ph.D. program in Chemistry
    Jenna B 2013 Attending Optometry School at Ohio State
    Zachary B 2013 Graduated from LECOM pharmacy school, 2016
    Maura J 2013 Attending pharmacy school at the University of Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
    Agnieszka M 2013 Graduate Teaching Assistant at West Virginia University
    Trina P 2013 Attending West Virginia University grad school
    Walter S 2013 Currently employed in Modeling industry
    Benjamin S     2013 Plant Chemist - Henwill Corporation
    Laura S    2013 Research Assistant at Penn State University
    Kelsea W 2013 Attending the Appalachian School of Law
    Mara W 2013 Substitute teacher in Cambria County
    Kevin W 2013 Employed in Chemistry in Butler, PA
    Selam W 2013 Attending Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Medicine
    Seth B 2012 Attending grad school at Pitt
    Lauren G 2012 Attending grad school at the University of South Carolina
    Brittany K 2012 Attending Optometry School in Melbourne, Australia
    D. Chris K 2012 Attending West Virginia University Dental School
    Erica L 2012 Graduated from  Duquesne University, Mylan School of Pharmacy - attending PSU Hershey School of Medicine
    Lauren M 2012 Pharmacy Technician, Community Pharmacy, Tyrone, PA
    Travis R 2012 Employed in Georgia
    Amber S 2012 Attending Howard Dental School, Washington, D.C.
    Matt S 2012 Graduated from Salus University's doctorial optometry program, 2016
    Anne A 2011 Enrolled in Ph. D. program at Carnegie Mellon
    Brendon C 2011 Employed in industry position
    Rebecca H 2011 Employed as a chemistry and forensics teacher - Franklin Regional High School, Murrysville, PA
    Kaitie H 2011 Attending graduate school at Indiana University
    Anthony H 2011 Attending graduate school at University of Pittsburgh.
    Robert K Jr. 2011 Employed with NALCO Technology, Hughesville, PA
    Catherine S 2011 Employed at Compunetics, Monroeville, PA
    Colin T 2011 Research Assistant / Ph. D. candidate at Georgia Tech
    Ashley W 2011 Employed at Albermarle Pharmaceuticals, Tyrone, PA
    Caitlin B 2010 Graduated from PSU - Hershey Medical School in 2014. She is completing her internship at Wake Forest School of Medicine
    Jared C 2010 Employed with Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
    Cody C 2010 Instrumental Analysis Chemist at Chemical Solutions, LTD
    Tim G 2010 Actuarial Analyst at UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA
    Heather H 2010 Earned Master's in Education at Pitt - employed as a high school chemistry teacher at Westmont Hilltop
    David K 2010 Employed with  Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 74th District  Earned MBA at SFU, 2011
    Doug K 2010 Employed in Industry field
    Luke L 2010 Earned Pharm D at Duquesne
    Frank L 2010 Employed at Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection, Harrisburg
    Patrick M 2010 Attending Optometry School at Ohio State University
    Rikki M 2010 Employed at the University of Utah Healthcare
    Kaylyn O 2010 Graduated from Pitt with PH.D in Chemistry, 2016
    Aaron O 2010 Process Engineer/Chemist with Sherwin-Williams Paint
    Anne S 2010 Employed at  the McCandless Township Sanitary Authority Inspection, Monitoring and Development Office