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    The Saint Francis University “Francis Forever” Alumnifire Community 

    Our tight-knit alumni community is a wealth of information and experience, and it is also very generous. We consistently have alumni contacting us offering to mentor our current students, and in turn our students seek the guidance of our alumni. Thanks to a new partnership, we are excited to streamline that connection and bring our students and alumni together in one convenient online community.

    The Office of Alumni Engagement has joined with Alumnifire to create a networking platform where alumni can interact with one another and with current students—and we would love for you to join in, too.

    Join today at

    Sponsored in part by the Saint Francis University Alumni Association, the Saint Francis University “Francis Forever” Alumnifire community allows alumni to choose from a variety of pre-selected services they’re willing to offer to students and even fellow alumni, including:

    • General career or industry advice
    • Informational interviews
    • Mock interviews
    • Job shadowing
    • Networking opportunities/introductions
    • Help with navigating the application process at their places of employment

    Begin your profile now at

    Alumnifire has several features that foster meaningful connections between all involved while making it simple to do so.

    Free and Easy for All Users

    Thanks to the Alumni Association’s sponsorship, Alumnifire is free to our entire SFU community. It’s also easy to use—login using your LinkedIn or Facebook account and skip having to remember yet another username or password. And if you can complete a LinkedIn profile, then you’ll certainly be able to complete your Alumnifire profile with its intuitive setup.

    Volunteer on Your Time

    Your time is valuable, and you want to make sure that you’re realistically available to assist any student or alumnus who reaches out to you. Alumnifire allows all volunteers to specify the number of times in a given month you’re comfortable being contacted by those looking for help. Fulfill your pledge for the month? You’ll be removed from the directory until the next month, ensuring you’re not overwhelmed with requests.

    Search All Volunteers for the Right Alum

    Our Forever Francis community on Alumnifire can be filtered by location, job title, industry, company, athletic sport, extracurricular activities, past dorms, and even your favorite class you had while at SFU. As more alumni join, it’ll become easier and easier for students to find the right alumni suited to helping them.

    Never Miss a Message

    We know your life is busy, and the last thing you need to worry about is checking Alumnifire to see if you missed any messages from students or alumni looking for your guidance. Alumnifire offers all users the ability to receive emails and/or text messages whenever you’ve been contacted for help so that you know exactly when your insight is requested.

    The “Red Flash Family” Goes Beyond Alumni and Students

    All members of the Saint Francis University community—students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, administration, and friends—are welcome and encouraged to join.

    It only takes a few minutes to join, so do so right now at

    If you have any questions about the Francis Forever community on Alumnifire, please contact me at I look forward to seeing you be a part of this new community, and thank you, as always, for all you do for Saint Francis University!

    All the best,
    Eric Horell ’13
    Director of Alumni Engagement
    Saint Francis University

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