Student Health Center

at The DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness

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  • Hours of Operation

    If possible, please call ahead for an appointment at 814-472-3008. If you have an emergency, call 911.

    Fall and Spring Semester Office Hours

    Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

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  • Stay healthy. Go far.

    Saint Francis University’s Student Health Center is the “hub” of wellness for the campus student community! Staffed by a full cadre of medical professionals, including a Physician Assistant, a Registered Nurse, a Part-time Physician, and an Administrative Staff, the Student Health Center is your key for maintaining your health while on campus.

    Where is the Student Health Center Located?

    Saint Francis University’s Student Health Center is located on the ground floor of the DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness.

    Appointments and Fees

    The goal of the Saint Francis University Student Health Center is to provide you with quality services as quickly as possible. To this end, appointments, although not required, are strongly encouraged. Most services and medications are provided free of charge to SFU students, however, students may be required to pay the associated fees for additional services. Referrals to physician specialists can also be facilitated by the Student Health Center. To schedule an appointment or to obtain more information, please contact the Student Health Center at (814) 472-3008.

    Who is Eligible for Services?

    All full-time students are eligible for care through the Student Health Center. Students who request services must have a completed student health form and immunization record on file at the Student Health Center.

    Can I Get My Allergy Injections at the Student Health Center?

    The Student Health Center administers allergy injections to students who are receiving these injections under the care of an allergist. In order to receive the injections at the Student Health Center, students must pay a $30 per semester fee and have their physician sign the allergy consent form.

    Can I Get Copies of My Medical Records?

    Current and former students requesting copies of their SFU medical records can do so by completing the medical records release form and submitting it to the Student Health Center: A $5.00 processing fee (via credit card or a check made payable to Saint Francis University) is required prior to records being released.

    Can I Get an Excuse for Missing Class?

    The Student Health Center does not write excuses for classes or exam missed due to illness. Class attendance is an administrative matter between the student and the faculty member.

    Services Available

    The Student Health Center offers the following medical services to SFU students:

    • Acute sick visits and medications
    • Physical Exams
    • Allergy Injections
    • Immunization (Meningitis, Tetanus w/Pertussis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella, Typhoid, Yellow Fever)
    • Travel consultations for international travel

    Laboratory services available on site include:

    • Mono Tests
    • Strep Tests
    • Urinalysis
    • Pregnancy Tests
    • Blood Sugar Testing
    • Titers
    • Urine drug testing

    Outreach and Education

    Programming on relevant medical and wellness issues are provided and sponsored by the Student Health Center throughout the year, including the “Lunch and Learn” educational series and a variety of seasonal/topical events. The majority of these events are free of charge to the Saint Francis University community.

    CPR Certification

    CPR certification is also available at scheduled times throughout the school year and by appointment. Please contact Karen McCabe at (814) 472-3008 or for more information.

    After Hours

    For Urgent Care, you may visit Ebensburg Medwell (located in front of WalMart)
    Hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Saturday - Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    236 Jamesway Rd Ebensburg, PA 15931
    (814) 472-7336