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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program at SFU is designed with the uniqueness of each student in mind. Our department provides customizable course schedules and personal academic advising by Criminal Justice faculty.

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      Convert Act 120 police training into transfer credits

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      25% Military Discount Available

    • Convert Act 120 police training into transfer credits

    • 25% Military Discount Available

  • Why SFU?

    1. Pick your Path: Customize your experience with a number of double major options, and concentrations.
    2. Choose a Minor: Add a minor in Cyber Security, Forensic Science, Psychology, Sociology, Communications, or a Pre-Law concentration.
    3. Grab an Internship: Start building your resume long before you graduate. We'll help you get an internship so you can gain experience at the federal, state, and local level.
    4. Start your career: We'll prepare you for a career in corrections, parole and probation, law enforcement, and in the courtroom. Criminal Justice careers are projected to increase by 7 percent with 60,000 new jobs being added every year.
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    Majors & Minors




    Internships & Student Opportunities

    Hands-on undergraduate work

    We encourage our students to get their hands dirty in research. Recently, our students have completed the following independent research projects:

    • Interviews with Polish nationals about their views of the Holocaust
    • Surveys with Chinese citizens and U.S. citizens on their moral values
    • Surveys among college students on how they perceive the sexuality of athletes in different sports
    • Interviews with local law enforcement officials investigating the processes by which law enforcement departments chose their weapons protocol


    Criminal Justice majors are eligible to participate in our internship program that offers internships in major U.S. cities at prestigious organizations such as Warner Brothers, Gucci, CBS, NBC, ING Financial, Epitaph Records, Sephora, and Merrill Lynch. Local internships are available at local police departments, local sheriff departments, SFU campus police, probation departments, victim services, juvenile justice organizations, and among many others, district attorney offices and private attorney offices.

    The Internship Program provides students with an all-inclusive opportunity to gain valuable career exposure while experiencing both personal & professional growth in a major city and industry of their choice. We provide students with an internship, safe housing with 24/7 support staff, and a meal plan.

    Sociology/Criminal Justice Club

    As an Saint Francis student, you will have the opportunity to join the Sociology/Criminal Justice Club. This growing club offers an important outlet for increasing awareness and respect for Sociology and Criminal Justice on campus.  The club also offers socialization and entertainment among students.

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    List of 20 Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree


    1. Probation Officer
    2. Forensic Science Technician
    3. Police Officer
    4. Corrections Officer
    5. Private Detective
    6. Fish and Game Warden
    7. Security Guard
    8. State Trooper
    9. Crime Scene Investigator
    10. Computer Forensics Specialist
    11. Fraud Investigator
    12. CIA Agent
    13. US Postal Inspector
    14. Immigration and Customs
    15. Enforcement Agent
    16. Blood Spatter Analyst
    17. Homicide Detective
    18. DEA Agent
    19. Secret Service Agent
    20. US Marshal


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    What alumni are saying about our program...

    • “The faculty will go great lengths to get you where you want to be and support you on your decisions … They’re willing to open their office for you at any time.”
    • “The classes were always fascinating, as were the discussions that took place in class.”
    • “I feel I have become a much deeper thinker, as well as a better person.”
    • “I definitely look at society differently. The major broadened my horizons.”  
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