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Remake Learning Days at SFU

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    Remake Learning Days 2021

    It is with regret that we announce that the Remake Learning Day scheduled for Saturday, May 15 on the campus of Saint Francis University has been CANCELLED due to low enrollment. It is completely understandable that these are busy and challenging times for all of us, and we hope to schedule and have other STEM learning events in the future.  

    Thank you to those of you who did register.  While this community event is cancelled, any of you individually are welcome to visit campus and join us for part or all of a day. Many of our STEM students and faculty are on campus through June 18 conducting research or in STEM classes. If you would like to spend time with researchers in biology, chemistry, or engineering, please feel free to contact me directly and I will connect you with a faculty member matching your interests. Or, you can go onto the University website, and choose the Visit Us tab on the right side of the screen to schedule a visit through the Admissions Department, including visiting with STEM faculty.

    We hope to see you on our campus at some point.  Thank you!

    Dr. Pete Skoner

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    Saint Francis University is a comprehensive institution offering a broad array of degree programs, undergraduate and graduate, in business, health, and STEAM disciplines.  The School of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) includes many academic programs that stress interdisciplinary, interactive, and experiential learning. This Remake Learning Day is being hosted by the Saint Francis University Science Outreach Center.  If you have an interest in STEAM careers, have a natural curiosity for learning, and/or want to experience a university campus, please join us!  You are welcome to join any part of the day.

    Questions? Contact Dr. Edward Zovinka at

    This event is part of Remake Learning Days of Southwestern PA in collaboration with the CSB2 STEM Ecosystem