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Public Health

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    Meet Our Faculty

    Welcome to the public health major at Saint Francis University, a place for dynamic leaders ready to make a difference by protecting the health of each and every one of us, every day, in every place. Public health professionals promote health and the prevention of disease through research, community-based interventions and public policy.  What does this mean?  Put simply, public health professionals strive to keep people healthy by safeguarding the places where we live, work, and play. They are often the first level of response when it comes to questions about the safety of the environment, minimizing the consequences of catastrophic events.  Public health professionals battle against deadly, contagious diseases and work to reduce incidences of preventable diseases. They promote the basics of sanitation, safe food, and water, fighting for healthcare equity, quality, and accessibility.  In short, public health efforts improve and save lives.

  • Our Public Health Program provides students with:
    • Strong affiliations with varied rotation sites, research facilities, and health promotion organizations;
    • Highly qualified public health faculty, representing a broad range of educational disciplines;
    • Individualized academic advising for focused career guidance; and
    • Small class sizes allow for personal attention.


    Welcome, prospective students!

    Welcome to the diverse and rewarding world of public health!  This is an especially exciting time to consider a degree in public health.  From healthcare education, equity and advocacy to occupational and environmental health and safety, the public health industry continues to expand, which creates increased demand for public health professionals and in turn rich prospects for public health graduates.

    Added in response to the growing demand for capable and qualified public health professionals, the Saint Francis University public health baccalaureate major is the latest addition to the University’s quality health care program.  A Saint Francis University public health degree offers an education in the liberal arts tradition, emphasizing personal and professional ethics, and builds upon the University’s nationally recognized Franciscan mission.  The University places particular emphasis on developing individuals who will lead with character in our rapidly changing world.

    Whether your interests are local or global; whether your passion is battling deadly diseases, fighting for health care equity, or minimize the consequences of catastrophic events, a Saint Francis University public health degree can help you achieve career goals while positively impacting the world we live in. Feel free to contact our office, schedule a tour, or visit an open house.

    Thank you for your interest. We look forward to meeting you!


    Interested in pre-med?

    Medical schools are increasingly receptive to a wider range of undergraduate education. In fact, they are encouraging courses in behavioral and social sciences, including public health and epidemiology.

    Source: Riegelman R., Kirkwood, B. (2015) Public Health 101, Second edition. J&B Learning. p. 183.


    Our Research Center


    DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness

    This state-of-the-art 30,000-square foot education and research center is actively fulfilling its mission as a clinical training area for students as well as reaching out to underserved rural populations.

    Take a look inside DiSepio.


  • Public Health

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      Knowledge is Contagious

      The first two graduates of the Public Health program, William Myers and Austin Potts, were excited to begin spreading their knowledge of public health in their dream careers. William plans to work in disaster management, while Austin plans to work in environmental health. 

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