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Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Degrees and Programs

  • About the Program

    PNGE Logo ContentVirtually every component of our modern society requires energy and we depend on a complex array of energy sources including renewable (wind, solar) and non-renewable sources (coal, oil, shale gas) to fuel that worldwide demand. At Saint Francis University we are committed to researching the most balanced and responsible ways to approach resource extraction and energy production.

    Saint Francis University offers a four-year bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (PNGE). Our PNGE program incorporates a Franciscan approach with real world experience as an integral component of learning coupled with a vital liberal arts education. Small size classes and strong relationships with faculty are signature advantages of the learning environments established for undergraduate students at Saint Francis. During the four-year study in the PNGE program at SFU, our students develop a wide variety of skills required to be successful in the rapidly growing field of engineering.


    Like other science majors at Saint Francis, the petroleum and natural gas engineering program will emphasize both theoretical and hands-on learning, project design and execution, communication skills, and service learning. The result will be a major with a holistic program that will create graduate engineers who bring a balanced, Franciscan approach to the field of energy extraction.

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    Minor:  Course Catalog Major Requirements

    The PNGE curriculum at Saint Francis University trains the students for a challenging and rewarding career through five major curricular means:

    • Vibrant General Education program, a keystone of Saint Francis University
    • Robust foundation in mathematics and the basic sciences including physics and geology
    • Well-founded core of engineering theory and practice
    • Specialized sequence of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering courses and laboratory work emphasizing Reservoir Engineering, Drilling Engineering, and Production Engineering
    • Significant Petroleum Engineering Design capstone