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  • Finance is the management of money. 

    Finance is the science or study of managing money, banking, investments and credit. Finance can be broken into three different sub categories: public finance, corporate finance and personal finance. Finance provides the knowledge of how to allocate assets over time under conditions of certainty and uncertainty and the time value of money over a specific amount of time. 

    Degree Options:

  • Finance Majors
    • Finance, B.S.  
    • Entrepreneurship Concentration (B.S. in Finance)
    • Five-year Finance to MBA Program, B.S.  

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Business to view degree requirements.

    Finance Minor
    • Finance, Minor  

    See requirements: Visit the academic catalog and scroll to the School of Business to view degree requirements.

    Career Opportunities

    As our service-based economy expands, there is an increasing need for trained professionals to manage and oversee the financial decisions of all types of organizations. Finance is designed for students who seek careers in the financial services industry, such as investment and commercial banking; careers in corporate finance or real estate; and/or other areas of business world.

  • Finance at Saint Francis University

    The Finance program at Saint Francis University prepares students for careers in Finance such as banking, investment analysts, financial planning, real estate, and portfolio management.  Students in the Finance program develop critical thinking and decision-making skills while working closely with student in small group settings.  The Finance program is intended to provide students with a wide-ranging knowledge base and skills that will increase their value to employers.  The Saint Francis University Investment Club manages a stock portfolio that has grown an initial donation of $10,000 into approximately $40,000.  Students interested in a career in Finance gain real world experiences, investing with the Investment Club and lending money through the Francis Fund.  The program educates students in the art and science of managing resources at both the personal and corporate levels.  The education begins with a foundation in accounting, corporate finance and investments and builds on that foundation with advanced courses in financial management, portfolio management, and other current topics in finance.