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SFU's chapter of the international, non-profit Enactus organization brings together a diverse network of university students, academic professionals, and industry leaders for the shared mission of creating a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. As a team we focus our energy around improving economic, social and environmental issues globally by a "Think global, act local" approach. These focal points allow us to empower others while the community prospers from our efforts.

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  • Message from Our Dean of the School of Business


    Collegians today need to obtain some key differentiators as they prepare for a rewarding and meaningful career after college. Good grades, an internship, and a few passive extracurricular activities no longer suffice. Students need something more than the conventional attributes employers traditionally have sought. They need to demonstrate how they applied their knowledge, honed their skills, and developed their leadership acumen through active engagement co-curricular activities, such as Enactus. Enactus is a large international collegiate organization that effectively combines free enterprise education and action, along with leadership, sustainability, ethics, and results-oriented social entrepreneurship in motion. Enactus is an organization that educates, energizes, and empowers others through dynamic co-curricular educational programming and engaged community service. As service touches those served, it forever has a profound influence on the person offering the service. Our motto has been and remains, at Saint Francis University, we want our School of Business students and graduates to have a head for business and a heart for service. Enactus is one of our means for achieving this broad goal. What is stopping YOU from becoming an active Enactus member today?

    Dr. Randy Frye
    Dean of the School of Business

  • What is Enactus?

  • The History of Enactus

    The Saint Francis University Enactus (formerly SIFE) team was founded by Dr. Randy Frye, dean and Professor of Business Administration, and a small group of business students in 1998. Its mission has been to utilize collegiate student engagement to help others understand how the free enterprise system works ethically in the global marketplace. The Saint Francis University Enactus team strives to act in a manner that Saint Francis of Assisi, our patron Saint, would operate in the Marketplace if he were alive today. Our one simple purpose is to make a meaningful difference or contribution to the global community we are a part of. The efforts of our Enactus chapter have impacted thousands in our community. Saint Francis University Enactus has earned several regional championships and has placed at nationals, in addition to a variety of other awards.