DiSepio Institute for Rural Health & Wellness

at Saint Francis University

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  • Leading Facility of Its Type

    Situated in the rural mountains of Pennsylvania, the DiSepio Institute for Rural Health and Wellness at Saint Francis University is a leading facility of its type in the United States. We merge state-of-the-art equipment with hands-on teaching in our academically rigorous programs. Our equipment and programs are cutting edge; we carefully combine them with a deep sense of compassion and our desire to help heal the local community. 


    • Offers health promotion and rehabilitation services to the members of the Saint Francis University community as well as to the members of our surrounding communities.
    • Provides clinical education and continuing education to promote recruitment and retention of healthcare providers for rural west-central Pennsylvania.
    • Facilitates research and clinical training in the prevention and management of chronic disease with emphasis on modification of lifestyle.
    • Enhances access to care for the medically under-served in rural west-central Pennsylvania.

    Health and Wellness Programs

    Saint Francis University is committed to being a University where employee health and wellness is a top priority.  For this program year, the University is changing the incentive program, adding ways to manage and earn points to earn monetary incentives for participating in programs, and making it easier for you to make choices to better your own personal health and wellness.  The WebMD Rewards Program offers you ways to improve your own health and wellness no matter what your goals are!

    WebMD Rewards Program Brochure

    Wellness Profile Instructions - Getting Started

    Points Accumulation Form

    Preventive Examination Form

    Wellness Inside and Out

    We believe in a holistic approach to wellness, the importance of person’s interior and exterior health. The DiSepio Institute is home to many centers, all designed to bring some aspect of wellness to you. Whether you need rehabilitation or general maintenance, as achieved through our fitness programs, we are dedicated to healing the region.

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    Center for Rehabilitation

    The DiSepio Institute, a state-of-the-art, 30,000 square foot facility, offers equipment and technology not found at any other location in this region

    The DiSepio Center for Rehabilitation is committed to providing individualized and effective care for our patients. We have proven treatment strategies for most musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries


    Ernest J. Scharpf Family Conference Center

    Communicate with the world through voice, video, and data technologies

    Equipped with videoconferencing capability and high-tech audiovisual equipment, the main space of the Center is a symposium room for 90 people, which is divisible by a retractable wall into two separate rooms.


    Fitness Center

    Features a 3,500 square-foot gym for individual exercise and a 1,000 square-foot group exercise room.

    The gym includes a stretching and core strengthening area, a cardiovascular area with treadmills, elliptical machines, adaptive motion trainers, and upright and recumbent bikes; a strength training area with a circuit of exercise units for the upper and lower extremities; and a free weight area. Group exercise classes are also offered to students, employees, and the community, which include yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, and various circuit training classes.


    Human Performance Lab

    Assesment through proficient skills attained by Professionally Certified Exercise Physiology Faculty and undergraduate Exercise Physiology students

    Through a combination of cutting-edge technologies and world class multidisciplinary experts, including exercise physiologists and physical therapists, the HPL enables individuals to attain their maximum physical conditioning.


    Physical Therapy Residency Programs

    For physical therapists interested in pursuing a career in either sports or orthopedic physical therapy

    Faculty members in our Physical Therapy Department are leaders in the field. These professionals practice clinically in the DiSepio Center for Rehabilitation, while also teaching and guiding participants in our unique residency programs, including sports and orthopaedic physical therapy. These program participants treat real-life patients and perform cutting edge research and studies. Program graduates are eligible to sit for board certification in their chosen specialty area.


    Spiritual Wellness Center

    A place to reflect

    The labyrinth, is outdoors in a sunken courtyard between the DiSepio Institute and the mall. The indoor interfaith meditation room on the Institute’s second floor offers individuals and small groups an opportunity to meditate and pray, isolated from the building’s otherwise busy environment.


    Student Health Center

    The “hub” of wellness for the campus student community

    Staffed by a full cadre of medical professionals, including Registered Nurses, a Medical Assistant, a Part-time Physician, and an Administrative Staff, the Student Health Center is your key for maintaining your health while on campus.


    Toy Lending Library

    Grow and explore the world of play

    Play Works Toy Lending Library was founded in 2009 by Dr. Lorie Rowles and lends toys free-of-charge to families in the community. The program was designed to meet the needs of the community for all children from birth to eight years of age so that children have the opportunity to engage in play for development.