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    A student who wishes to attend Saint Francis University should not hesitate to apply for admission because of cost. Saint Francis University believes that every qualified person who desires higher education has the right to pursue it, regardless of financial status. While the primary responsibility for financing an education belongs to the student and their family, the University provides awards to supplement the family’s funds whenever possible and aggressively seeks financial aid for those demonstrating valid need.

    Saint Francis University, a private institution, awards more scholarship and grant aid than public institutions which makes the University financially competitive. Actual education costs at Saint Francis University are partially covered by tuition. The difference is provided by the services contributed to the University by the Franciscan Friars and through donations and gifts from alumni and friends.

    Student Billing Timeline

    Fall Semester

    • On-line statement produced beginning of July
    • Due date for balance owed beginning of August

    Spring Semester

    • On-line statement produced beginning of December
    • Due date for balance owed beginning of January

    Summer Semester

    • On-line statement produced first week of May
    • Due date for balance owed end of May
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