SFU Promotions Awarded

University Communications & Marketing | 03/15/2023

The Board of Trustees of Saint Francis University, at its March 10, 2023 meeting, voted to grant the following promotions as recommended by the Committee on Promotions. These promotions will be effective at the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year.

Promotion Professor:                                  
Dr. Ying Li (Professor of Mathematics)
Dr. Brennan Thomas (Professor of English)

Promotion to Associate Professor:             
Dr. Timothy Miller (Associate Professor of Engineering
Dr. Lanika Ruzhitskaya (Associate Professor of Physics)
Dr. Kent Tonkin (Associate Professor of Human Resource Management/Management Information Systems)                                                                  

Promotion to Assistant Professor:             
Dr. Melissa Peppetti (Assistant Professor of Education)
Dr. Jessica Vespoli (Assistant Professor of Biology)

Library Promotions:
Ms. Renee Hoffman (Librarian)
Ms. Misti Smith (Associate Librarian)

Congratulations to all!