SFU named 2022-23 College of Distinction

Marie Young | 06/07/2022

What makes a College of Distinction?


Each year Colleges of Distinction hand-picks a selection of top schools that are well equipped to provide a personalized education catered to students’ interests and once again Saint Francis University has made the cut!


Since 2000, Colleges of Distinction has been a trusted resource for parents and students, guidance counselors across the United States,  and colleges and universities who all have one question: What colleges  are the best places at which to learn, grow, and succeed? Through a rigorous vetting and interview process for the 2022-2023 academic year,  the organization reaffirmed that SFU is an institution that  strives for excellence in line with the four overarching distinctions—Student Engagement, Teaching, Community, and Outcomes. 


2022 College of Distinction Saint Francis University



About the selection process:

"We believe in the power of education. We are advocates for the American educational system and champions for great colleges. We think the true measure of a college is in its people and ideas, not in its numbers and rankings. We’re motivated to address increased transfer and dropout rates, the need for an educated citizenship in an ever-changing job market, and the stifled education deserts among shifting demographics. Colleges of Distinction follows a unique approach, going beyond the traditional ranking models that assess colleges based on historic prestige, selectivity, athletic prowess, and size of endowment. Instead, we focus on institutions that deliver our Four Distinctions (Engaged Students, Great Teaching, Vibrant Communities, Successful Outcomes), which we believe are the fundamental elements of an effective undergraduate education.


Through submitted nominations, high school guidance counselors, college administrators, and the Colleges of Distinction selection team itself bring excellent schools to our attention. These schools are then recognized as Colleges of Distinction after a process of extensive research and interviewing to ensure they are in line with our mission. Our methodology for selection includes a mix of qualitative and quantitative information gleaned from expert college presidents, provosts, deans, and administrators around the country.