PT grad student creates anatomy painting series



Danielle MacMurtrie painting portrait

Danielle MacMurtrie, a newly minted Doctor of Physical Therapy, finished off her final years at Saint Francis University creating an anatomy painting series for the School of Health Sciences.

Project Background:

While some youth dream of being doctors or nurses, Danielle set her sights on physical therapy. She was first exposed to physical therapy when she was 13 after sustaining a back injury caused by years of gymnastics. “I wore a back brace for two years and received frequent PT.” she recalled “It was the first career in which I could picture myself working. Being in the PT gym just felt like home.”

 Fast forward to the college years and it isn’t surprising to learn that Saint Francis University provided a natural path for her career goals with the accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy program. What is unexpected is the way the medical study of anatomy has allowed her artistic side to flourish.

 The melding of worlds began in earnest with early in her time as an undergraduate. Even though she couldn't fit a Fine Arts minor into her schedule, professor Chuck Olson carved out studio space for her and provided artistic guidance.

Her artistic path continued during her graduate phase with a large scale painting “commissioned” by her PT professor Dr. Stephen LoRusso. The painting series is nearing completion and will be displayed in a location of prominence within the School of Health Sciences.