Exercise Oncology is Medicine

University Communications & Marketing | 12/06/2022

Alexis Bradfield is an exercise physiologist working at a hospital in Aspen, CO. While her primary focus is cardiac rehabilitation, the hospital has also begun an exercise oncology rehabilitation service. Lexi is one of the exercise physiologists who treat individuals living with or beyond a cancer diagnosis. Hearing about our Cancer Care program through one of our graduates, Lexi was excited to increase her education in the field of exercise oncology, through matriculation in our hybrid MS in Exercise Oncology degree. One component that distinguishes our program is the hands-on experience our students receive through the Evergreen Exercise Clinical in the Center for Rural Cancer Survivorship (CRCS).


While Lexi is working to build that stronger bond with our faculty, the program requires students to spend two week-long residencies at the clinic, working with our patients while receiving one-on-one instruction with our faculty. Lexi was also able to work with her peer, Laken Hill, who is completing the program in Loretto.


The estimate for the number of individuals living with or beyond cancer is expected to increase beyond 22 million in the next decade. A critical factor in reducing the rates of recurrence, or the onset of other chronic illnesses, is exercise. It is the mission of the CRCS to train the next generation of healthcare providers to be advocates and practitioners of exercise oncology. For more information about the Cancer Care programs at Saint Francis University follow our link.