17th Mock Convention Maintains 64-year Campus Tradition

History & Political Science Department | 04/23/2024
Approximately 200 people participated, including SFU students, alumni, faculty, administrators, and staff. Students visiting from area colleges also took part along with high school students from the SFU Upward Bound program who played prominent roles.

History of Mock Conventions at Saint Francis University

Joseph A. Melusky, Ph.D. | 04/17/2024
SFU mock conventions are held every four years for the party that is currently out of the White House. These mock conventions have taken place since 1960, and they have become a tradition on the Saint Francis University campus.

Faculty Spotlight Dr. Denise Damico 2020

Editor's note: Dr. Denise Damico thinks of herself not as a teacher of history, but rather as an evangelical missionary for the cause of learning History. Her passion lies in showing others that learning about the past can make the world a better place today and in the future.” This profile of Dr. Damico, was shared by her colleague Dr. Thomas Woods. Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Denise Damico Associate Professor of History, Department Chair Confucius’ declaration to “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” rings as true today as when he first postulated the precept

Madeline Berry Profile

SFU First Destination Report | 10/05/2019
A position as an AmeriCorps Environmental Steward awaited Madeline Berry after she graduated with a B.A. in History in 2016. Her major allowed her to cultivate an awareness of current environmental problems and their connection to the past giving her a unique perspective on climate issues.