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2024 Summer Academies

About Summer Pre-College Academies

SFU Summer Pre-College Academies are one-week, residential, immersive programs designed to empower students with the tools and resources needed to excel in college while exploring future career pathways. 

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These programs are open to high school students entering grades 10, 11, or 12 in the Fall 2024. Spending almost a full week on campus allows students to explore our beautiful campus and experience college life to its fullest extent.


Academy participants will live in a college residence hall with SFU Student Mentors. The mentors are selected based on their academic expertise and their maturity and experience mentoring younger students. SFU Student Mentors will mentor the participants in and out of the classroom to support the goals of the summer academies and to provide the students with an excellent experience.

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June 24-27, 2024 

  • Helping our Communities through Education and Human Services - Empowering Minds for Social Change 
  • Pre-Med - Exploring STEAM Academy
  • Chemistry - Exploring STEAM Academy
  • Literature and Languages  - Exploring STEAM Academy

July 8-11, 2024 

  • Exploring Health, Wellness and Disability through the Health Sciences 
  • Ecology  - Exploring STEAM Academy
  • Computer Science & Cybersecurity  - Exploring STEAM Academy
  • Engineering - Exploring STEAM Academy

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Cost & Discounts

  • Full experience: $649 ( includes all instruction materials, plus all housing and meals on our beautiful campus) 
  • Commuter Rate: $399
  • Employee Dependents Discounts:  $549 full experience/$349 commuter
  • Sibling Discounts: 20% off for multiple children from the same family attending an academy or for the siblings of a current traditional undergraduate SFU student
  • Multiple Academies Discount: 20% off the second academy

College Scholarship: $1,000/year SFU scholarship (up to four years) available for eligible participants who enroll as a full time SFU student within 28 months of high school graduation.

For more information:

Phone: Leona Horner, 814-472-3245

2024 Academies Descriptions

  • Helping our Communities through Education and Human Services: Empowering Minds for Social Change

    June 24-27, 2024

    Learn about the fields of Education, Social Work, Public Health and Psychology, and how professionals in these fields use their expert knowledge and training to help people with a wide spectrum of needs. Using engaging and hands on activities, students attending will learn about the social determinants of health set forth and how each of these areas (Education Access and Quality, Social and Community Contexts, Neighborhoods and Built Environment, Health Care Access and Quality and Economic Stability) affect people's ability to lead healthy, quality lives. Excellent for students interested in social justice, healthy neighborhoods, safe housing, nutrition, and food access, and building language and literacy skills.



  • STEAM Academies: Pre-Med, Chemistry, or Literature and Languages

    June 24-27, 2024

    Learn how professionals in these fields use their broad education to move into professions working with and helping people. STEAM is offering multiple academies for this session. 

    Premed Academy: Modern medicine is built upon the biological sciences. Immerse yourself in the scientific basis of medicine through explorations in physiology, anatomy, and neuroscience. Participants in the academy will dig deep into understanding how diseases are discovered and diagnosed, how different human anatomical systems work, and how we can measure and even manipulate the activity of our own nervous systems. 

    Chemistry Academy: Have you ever wondered what a forensic chemist does? How your chemistry teacher learned so much about elements? Can you turn your knowledge of chemistry into a career? Through our summer academy, we will show you the exciting avenues that are open to someone with a chemistry major! Not only will you have the opportunity to conduct experiments and hands on activities relevant to cutting edge jobs, but you will also hear from SFU graduates who have turned their chemistry education into a career. Together, we will explore various tracks through which you can become a pharmacist, chemistry teacher, medical doctor, environmental, nano, forensic, or fermentation researcher. 

    Literature and Languages Academy: Immerse yourself in creative writing/literature or languages through the analysis and creation of visual, audio, linguistic, and multi-modal/video texts.

  • Exploring Health, Wellness and Disability through the Health Sciences

    July 8-11, 2024

    Learn about the fields of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Nursing and Exercise Physiology and their influence on the health, wellness, and disability of populations. Students attending will learn about human anatomy, effects of exercise, disability awareness, environmental adaptations, and basic health care skills, and many other engaging and hands on activities in our state-of-the-art Experiential Learning Commons, simulation center and Research Innovation Lab.


    CPR Certification is available but optional - Cost additional $40.

  • STEAM Academies: Ecology, Computer Science & Cybersecurity, or Engineering

    July 8-11, 2024

    Immerse yourself in the STEAM fields through intriguing applications and learn how professionals in these fields use their education and training to improve life for everyone.  STEAM is offering  multiple academies for this session.

    Ecology Academy: Explore the interactions between animals and their environment with a variety of hands-on laboratory and field exercises involving birds, fish, dragonflies, and other organisms.

    Computer Science & Cybersecurity Academy: Catch a cyber criminal in the act!  Conduct a hands-on digital forensic investigation to uncover malicious activity.  You'll also learn how to protect critical government or healthcare data and what to do when enemy countries attack our cyber infrastructure.

    Engineering Academy: Use math, science, and technology to act as environmental scientists and engineers protecting and restoring scarce water resources to protect the 1.6 billion people in the world who are projected to lack clean drinking water by the year 2030.   Thanks to generous support from the Woodard and Curran Foundation, students can attend this academy for $150.



Registration Opening Soon!

How to Register:

We accept applications from rising juniors and seniors in high school who are in good academic standing. Select your session(s) and review the application process instuctions below.

Application Deadline

All completed applications must be submitted no later than April 30, 2024. 

Application. Process

  1. To apply,  write a single paragraph explaining why would you like to participate in the summer academy at Saint Francis University.
  2. High school transcript (unofficial transcripts will be accepted - you may upload yourself, or submit your school's email to upload)
  3. Teacher recommendation letter (you will enter your teacher's email in the application and they will receive an email from us with the request)
  4. Non-refundable application fee of $25 is required (to complete your application)
  5. Academies will only run if a minimum number of students enroll. If a student's first choice does not run, participants will be offered a place in a different academy or their deposit will be refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Acceptance Process

    When will applicants hear about their application status? 

    Summer Academy applicants will receive notice via email of their application status in early May 2024.

     Is there a waitlist? 

    Yes. Students are accepted into the Summer Academies based upon the materials in their application packet the maximum number of participants has been reached. As seats in programs become available, we will work through the waitlist to fill the cohort. If a seat in the students’ first choice program is not available, a seat will be offered in an alternate program. 

    What are the acceptance packets and why are they important? 

    Once a student is accepted into the Summer Academies, they will be sent an acceptance packet via email. The email will contain instructions on completing the necessary forms, along with due dates. Failing to return the completed forms along with the balance due by the due date will result in the student declining their acceptance into the program. Students who have not completed and returned their forms and balance due will not be permitted to attend any aspect of the academy

    What is the deadline to return the acceptance packet? 

    Acceptance packets, including all completed forms and payment of balance due, MUST be received by June 5, 2024.

  • Preparing for Saint Francis University

    Are textbooks or a laptop required? 

    No. Students will be provided with required course materials and a laptop, if necessary, to use during their participation in the program. 

    Is there a dress code? 

    Jeans, shorts, and t-shirts can be worn for most of the program instruction and activities. Some academies with lab components may require long pants, shirts with sleeves, and closed toed shoes. Additional details on attire will be provided when acceptance is offered.

    Do students need to have spending money? 

    Summer Academy students may want to bring some spending money with them. The campus bookstore will be open and there are snack and soda machines around campus that students may want to purchase from. Additionally, the group may take a recreational field trip to a local park or sporting event.

     Do students need to bring their own bedding? 

    Yes, students do need to bring their own linens.

     Are residence halls air-conditioned? 

    No. It is recommended that Summer Academy students bring a fan. 

    Do students need to bring food? 

    Summer Academy students may want to bring snacks, though breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. 

    Do the dorms have refrigerators? 

    The dorm rooms do not have refrigerators. The residence hall does have a refrigerator accessible to everyone.

  • Arrival & Departure Details

    What time is check in/check out? 

    Summer Academy students are to arrive on campus the Sunday of the start of the program between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm. 

    Check out/Farewell will take place on the last day of the academy at 2:00 pm where families are invited to celebrate student's accomplishments in the academy.

  • While on Campus

    Are students permitted to stay overnight off-campus with family or friends? 

    No. Summer Academy students are required to live on campus in the designated residence hall or commute from their permanent home addresses.

     Will students have access to a fitness facility or pool on campus? 

    No. The fitness facility and pool will not be accessible to the students unless it is part of a planned event with the Mentors.