Dr. Deborah Gentile

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Position: Clinical Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Science

Department: Physician Assistant Sciences

Office: 113 Sullivan Hall


About Dr. Deborah Gentile


  • BS Biology: St. Francis University
  • MD: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


Deborah Gentile, M.D., is the medical director and clinical associate professor in the Department of Health Science at St. Francis University and medical director of Community Partners in Asthma Care, a nonprofit organization. She is board certified in allergy and immunology, and has expertise in diagnosing and treating allergies, asthma, and immune disorders across all age groups.


Dr. Gentile completed her medical school, pediatric residency, and allergy/immunology fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, her research focuses on evaluating asthma outcomes and triggers among residents in environmental justice communities within our region. Her commitment to advancing knowledge in this field is evident through her authorship of over 70 publications and the recognition she has received through numerous research awards.


In addition to her research pursuits, Dr. Gentile has held leadership roles as the past president of her local and state allergy societies and actively participates in numerous professional organizations.


Courses Taught

Freshman Seminar for Physician Assistant Students

Introduction to Medicine

Physician Assistant Health Sciences