Undergraduate Education Degrees


Connecting Theory to Practice

The Education Department at Saint Francis University provides the learning environment in which prospective teacher candidates develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will enable them to become reflective decision-makers. Through active participation, the department’s educational program emphasizes connections between theory and research-based practice.  We offer education degree programs in:



Discover Your Path

The Saint Francis Education Department provides opportunities for students seeking teaching degrees to study the dynamic and complex field of education in the following majors:

  • Early Childhood Education (PreK-4), B.S.
  • Early Childhood Education (PreK-4)/Special Education (PreK-12), B.S.
  • Special Education PreK-12, B.S.

Secondary Education Concentration programs are options for secondary education degree-seeking students majoring in the following areas:

  • Biology 7-12, B.S., Secondary Education Concentration 
  • Chemistry 7-12, B.S., Secondary Education Concentration 
  • English 7-12, B.A., Secondary Education Concentration 
  • History, B.A., Social Studies 7-12/Secondary Education Concentration 
  • Mathematics 7-12, B.S., Secondary Education Concentration 
  • Spanish PreK-12, B.A., Secondary Education Concentration  

And four minors:

  • Early Childhood/Reading Education
  • Middle Childhood/Secondary Education
  • Open Education
  • Special Education


About the Education Department 

The mission of the Education Department of Saint Francis University is to provide an undergraduate curriculum for pre-service and in-service educators that will help them develop and reinforce reflective practices through our hands-on education degrees. We strive to instill in teachers the belief that teaching and learning comprise a holistic process that connects ideas and disciplines to each other and to the personal experiences, environments and communities of students.

Dr. Stephanie Ivory

Department Chair

Dr. Stephanie Ivory
Phone: 814.472.2844

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Why pursue your education degree at SFU?

The general education degrees and secondary education degree concentrations offered provide an environment in which prospective early childhood, special education and secondary teachers can develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will enable them to become reflective decision-makers.


  • You will gain real teaching experience early in your studies to connect theory to practice.
  • Small class size means individual focus, attention, and support.
  • Our experienced faculty collaborate with school personnel and pre-service teachers to accomplish the goals of the teacher preparation program.
  • 98% of our recent graduates are employed or enrolled in graduate school.
  • Interstate certification agreements allow graduates with PA certificates to qualify for licensure in 45 states.

Accreditation Statement

The teacher preparation and certification programs offered at Saint Francis University at the undergraduate and graduate level are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), 333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA, 17126; (717)783-6788. PDE-approved preparation programs are designed to prepare and certify educators to teach or serve in the schools of the Commonwealth.