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Every effort is made to arrange appropriate accommodations based on a student’s disability. 


The Academic Center for Enrichment assists eligible students in receiving basic services as determined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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Individuals are encouraged to begin the process of arranging for accommodation services upon acceptance to the university.


If a student believes he or she requires a reasonable accommodation or has a question regarding educational services, activities, programs, or facilities that are accessible to or usable by students with disabilities, please contact the director in the Center for Academic  Success who serves as the contact person and advocate for students with disabilities.


The Center for Academic Success works with individual faculty members, academic departments, and other University offices to assure that the classes, programs, and services are accessible to the students.


The services provided by these offices are meant to help students devise strategies for meeting college demands and to foster independence, responsibility and self-advocacy.


Disability Assessment Report

In order to receive disability services, students must submit documentation of the disability to the Academic Center for Enrichment. The submitted assessment report:


  • Must be completed by a qualified professional such as a medical doctor or licensed psychologist.
  • Must contain the evaluator's name, title and assessment date.
  • Must identify the disability, describe the limits it imposes, and include recommended accommodations.

Once the documentation is received and evaluated, a staff member from the Academic Center for Enrichment will schedule an intake meeting. It is at this time the appropriate accommodations are determined.


Basic Services Provided Include:


  • Assistance with the process of Instructor notification
  • Assistance with note taking in the classroom
  • Accommodations for taking exams, such as readers, scribes, extended time, alternate locations
  • Referrals for taped texts
  • Requests for adaptive classroom equipment
  • Assistance in accessing University programs and services

Accommodations Available at Saint Francis University

Students who receive accommodations are responsible for:


  • Communicating their accommodation needs to each individual faculty member
  • Contacting the Academic Center if the accommodation is not appropriate
  • Submitting paperwork in a timely manner
  • Assist in identifying appropriate and effective auxiliary aids.


Contact Information

For event assistance please make an Accessibility Accommodation Request or contact:


Disability Services
Saint Francis University
P. O. Box 600
Loretto, PA 15940
Fax: 814-472-2819

Accessibility Coordinator: April Fry -

Accessibility Accommodation Request

Committed to Excellence

Saint Francis University aims to be as accessible as possible. If you are planning on attending an event at SFU and have special needs, please fill out the form below or contact our Accessibility Services Coordinator, April Fry, with any specific inquiries at 814-472-3176 or


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