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Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should be a Petroleum Engineer

Did you know that the US is now the largest crude oil producer? That means more jobs for Petroleum Engineers! Keep reading to find out the top five reasons why YOU should be a Petroleum Engineer.

  • 5. The world will always need energy. Petroleum engineers locate, recover and maintain the world’s oil and gas supplies. They use cutting-edge technology to create new methods of discovering and drilling for oil.

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    4. You have a love for the environment. Many people don’t associate caring for the environment with Petroleum Engineering. As an engineer you can inspire change by being that change. Petroleum engineers provide the world with energy, while safeguarding the environment for future generations.

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    3. You want to make a difference in the world. You want a job where what you do is vital to today's economies. Petroleum engineers make the drilling process safer for people, communities, wildlife, and the environment. They also make it more efficient, and prices more affordable for customers. They ensure compliance with best practices, industry standards, and environmental and safety regulations, and contribute to energy independence. Energy is needed for everything.  Petroleum is needed not only for fuel and heat, but also oil serves as a raw material for the production of plastics, rubber, nylon, spandex, detergents, pharmaceutical drugs, clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, paints, bubble gum, and more.

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    2. You’re a hard worker, but you also want to enjoy life. You can work hard and play hard too as an engineer. While the Engineering program at SFU is rigorous, we also understand the value of a balanced education. Many of our engineering students are Division I Athletes. We also encourage students to study abroad, attend conferences and participate in internships during their time at SFU. Our faculty work closely with students to make sure they can graduate within 4-years.

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    1. You want to work amongst the best in the industry. When choosing a college, you want to make sure you can graduate on-time and that you’ll be prepared and ready for the workforce. Saint Francis University provides leading industry software, research experience starting as early as freshman year, weekly seminar series to interact with experts in the field, an emphasis on communication skills, and guidance from faculty on internships and job placements. Our graduates go into the field with experience using the tools that many others don’t get until graduate school.

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