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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should be an Engineer

The fastest growing occupations are in the Engineering industry.  Engineers also earn some of the highest average salaries among those holding bachelor's degrees.  If you need more reasons on why you should be an Engineer, keep reading...

    1. You can love your work AND live your life too. Engineering is an exciting profession, but one of its greatest advantages is that it will leave you time for all the other things in your life that you love! 

      Aviation Concentration 
      Add on the Aviation concentration to learn to fly with your Engineering degree. 

    1. Engineering requires creativity. Engineering is a great outlet for the imagination, and the perfect field for independent thinkers.

    2.   Adopt-a-Site Internship
      Internship programs enable students to work in the field and learn outside of the classroom.

    1. You get to work with passionate people. Engineering takes teamwork, and you’ll collaborate with all kinds of people inside and outside the field. Whether they’re designers or architects, doctors or entrepreneurs, you’ll be surrounded by smart, inspiring people.

    2. Teamwork at acid mine drainage site 

      Environmental Engineering students work with the Altoona Water Authority
       to do some needed maintenance on an acid mine drainage site.

    1. You can make your mark on the world. Engineers are problem solvers. You’ll get to design things that matter and come up with solutions no one else has thought of.

    2.   Engineering Presentation

      Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering students analyze real life situations
      to learn from past mistakes in order to prevent future disasters.

    1. You’ll never be bored. Creative problem solving will take you into uncharted territory, and the ideas of your colleagues will expose you to different ways of thinking. Be prepared to be fascinated and to have your talents stretched in ways you never expected.

    2. Engineering Rocks  
      Dr. Guochang Wang showing mineral crystal structures to some of his
      Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering students in their Physical and Structural Geology class. 

    1. Earn a big salary. Engineers not only earn lots of respect, but they’re highly paid. Even the starting salary for an entry-level job is impressive!

    2. Engineering graduates  
                            First class of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering graduates!

    1. Enjoy job flexibility. An engineering degree offers you lots of freedom in finding your dream job. It can be a launching pad for jobs in business, design, medicine, law, and government. To employers or graduate schools, an engineering degree reflects a well-educated individual who has been taught ways of analyzing and solving problems that can lead to success in all kinds of fields.

    2. Engineering Meet and Greet  
      The Engineering department and the Office of Career Services host an annual Meet and Greet event
      to give students a chance to talk one-on-one with potential employers in the field.

    1. Opportunities to explore the world. Field work is a big part of engineering. You may end up designing a skyscraper in London, or developing safe drinking-water systems in Asia. Or you may choose to stay closer to home working with a nearly high-tech company or a hospital.

    2. Engineering Study Abroad  

      28% of SFU Environmental Engineering students participate
      in study abroad experiences within their discipline.

    1. Make a difference. Everywhere you look you’ll see examples of engineering having a positive effect on everyday life. Cars are safer, sound systems deliver better acoustics, medical tests are more accurate, and computers and cell phones are a lot more fun. As an engineer, you’ll be giving back to your community.

    2. Engineering students with drone  
      Hands-on experience using technology such as this 
      DJI S900 hexacopter which is equipped with a FLIR Vue Pro thermal camera.

    1. You can change the world. Imagine what life would be like without pollution controls to preserve the environment, lifesaving medical equipment, or low-cost building materials for fighting global poverty. All this takes engineers. In very real and concrete ways, engineers save lives, prevent disease, reduce poverty, and protect our planet.

    2. PNGE student with equipment  
      49% of SFU Engineering students participate in a large
      undergraduate research program alongside faculty.

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